The Secret to Pozible Success

The Secret to Pozible Success
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My top tips on creating a successful Pozible project

Pozible crowdfunding projects currently have about a 50% success rate, so why do some flourish while others fail?

1)   Learn from others

Look at as many other projects as you can before you start your own and ‘borrow’ good ideas! You can check out some Successful projects here.

2)   Stand out

Remember you’re competing for pledgers’ attention amongst 100s of other projects, so you need to stand out. To make your project shine try:

  1. Selling with your project title. Don’t just give the name of your album, book or film; try to point out what makes it different. Use the full character allowance, but don’t run over it, as your details will truncate. My project title was ‘An enjoyable poetry book’.
  2. Writing a snappy and engaging project description. Again, use the full character limit, but don’t let it truncate.  Try to inject a little personality or humour. My project description was “Please help me publish my poetry book ’Gone Dotty’ – fun, silly, touching poems to enjoy over a cup of tea and a bun.”
  3. Choose a great image: Pick an image that is striking and maybe a little at odds with your project, so that people wonder why you’ve chosen it and click through.

3)   Pick a realistic project total

It’s important to remember that you won’t get a cent of your pledgers’ money UNLESS you reach your total. So don’t set your target too high. Also, have enough confidence to set a reasonable amount – once you’re 100% funded it’s harder to get pledges. My initial target was just $1000, which I reached quickly. I think it would have been wiser to set it around $2000.

4)   Use the full 90 days

Unless you have an urgent deadline, why wouldn’t you use the full allowance of days? People have busy lives, and although your project might be your highest priority, it may take them some time to get around to pledging. Also, projects build momentum over time, and often projects seem to get a second wind after about 60 days.

5)   Provide a lot of small rewards

Set up a lot of rewards under the $50 amount; in these difficult times that is often all people can afford. Oh, and make the rewards really rewarding! Offering an email update about your project as one of the rewards is a little weak; instead, give your pledgers something tangible, and if possible make it ‘money can’t buy’. It’s fine to have a few massive rewards around the $1000 mark, but don’t expect them to get snatched up. The reward doesn’t always have to be related to your project: a bag of lollies, the offer to pop over and wash their car! Make it fun, make it real and make the price reasonable.

6)   Write a great project overview

This is where the magic happens. You are persuading people to part with their hard-earned cash, so give them a good reason. Make it personal (do NOT write in the third person). Explain who you are, why you’re doing this, why it matters to you and what it will mean to you if the project is a success. Detail how you are going to spend the money.

7)   Make a video

I didn’t do this, but I still think it’s a good idea. A little video will put a ‘face’ to your project and could persuade perfect strangers to pledge. It doesn’t have to be Oscar worthy. Some of the best videos on Pozible are just simple webcam affairs. Don’t be shy, give it a try!

8)   Provide regular updates

Use the updates tab to give your supporters regular updates on your project. How is it going, how do you feel? Highs and lows? I also think it’s nice (and polite) to personally thank each and every pledger. They are, after all, your biggest advocates.

9)   Support other Pozible projects

Pozible is a community, so the more you put in the more you’re likely to get out. I supported Luke’s project, and we exchanged emails, and I learned a lot from him. (I even met him at the Pozible event in Sydney). I just supported this project from Craig Delahoy as well. It’s nice to give back!

10) Don’t bombard your mates

Ideally don’t spam your mates to death with posts on Facebook and Twitter about your project. (Sorry friends!!) Those who want to support it will; those who don’t won’t (sadly). Think of other ways to encourage support, for example, in my line of work I do people a lot of favours, so recently instead of small payment or a hug, I’ve asked for favour recipients to “buy my book”.

So if you’re ready to start your Pozible project, check out the links below and then submit your details to the team. Remember, stay positive, anything is pozible.


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