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If you have questions about copywriting, check out the answers below:
Who the heck are you?
A: I’m Kate Toon, SEO Copywriter, SEO Consultant and Information Architect! If you want to know more about me, check out my About page or view my Linkedin profile or come hang with me on Google+.
Where are you?
A: I work out of an office in Newtown Sydney, but live in the sunny Central Coast of NSW.
What is copywriting?
A: Copywriting generally means writing words for a promotional or marketing purpose. A copywriter could write your adverts, press releases, brochures, websites, emails, whitepapers, case studies, video scripts, your LinkedIn profile, blogs, or even your Facebook status updates.

Awesome copywriting ensures that the benefits of your product or service are clear and compelling and drives them to take action – whether that’s signing up to your mailing list or buying your products and services.

What is SEO copywriting?
A: SEO copywriting stands for Search Engine Optimised copywriting, and is the process of carefully writing your copy to ensure it’s keyword saturated, on brand and also engaging and interesting for the user.

Read more in this article.

Is copywriting anything to do with copyright?
A: No, copyright refers to legal ownership of a document and is not related to copywriting.
What is your copywriting experience?
A: I’ve been writing copy professionally since I started working in the advertising industry back in 1995. I started out writing for Marks And Spencer in the UK, and since then have written for countless big brands and small businesses. I can write anything from a press release, brochure or email, right up to monster websites (the largest copy deck I’ve produced included over 300 pages of carefully crafted SEO copy!)
What are your copywriting specialities?
A: I specialise in writing Search Engine Optimised (SEO) copy that’s carefully crafted to ensure you a prominent placing in the natural search listings. I also have extensive experience of creating engaging and compelling email copy from working for several years with major brands such as O2 (in the UK) and Symantec here in Australia. My specialities are B2B (business to business) and website copywriting.
How much does it cost?
A: I have a very reasonable set hourly rate for copywriting, and I will give you a comprehensive quote BEFORE we start. I will stick to this quote come what may, so, there’ll be no nasty surprises for you at the end of the project! Compared with other Sydney copywriters, my rates are somewhere in the middle of the range.
Do you require a deposit?
A: I ask for a deposit of 50% before I start your copywriting project. The balance is payable 2 weeks after delivery of the first draft.
What does your price include?
A: I’ll provide you with a detailed estimate that outlines EXACTLY what my cost includes. I’ll break it down so you can see the cost of each individual item. Basically, my end price includes everything I need to write your copy, plus meeting and chat time, research, writing time, amends and proofing. One of the things my clients like best about working with me is the clarity they get on price.
How many changes can I make to your copy within the cost?
A: I provide you with three rounds of copy to review. The first I call a Skeleton Draft. This includes the bare bones of your copy, guidelines, copy rules, keywords (if the copy is for a website), plus details of content for each of the pages in the brief. After this, you’ll receive two more drafts, and you can comment and revise each of these. At final draft stage, I have the copy proofread by an external proofreader.
Can you write for my specific industry?
A: Over the years, I’ve written for all types of clients, from finance to law, medical, industrial, technology and many more. You can check out some of my selected clients here . But even if your industry is new to me, don’t worry, I’ll quickly get to grips with it’s unique complexities. That’s what separates a great copywriter from just a good copywriter: asking the right questions to ensure I truly understand not only your industry, but also your brand and your clients.
Can we meet?
A: Face-to-face meetings are not usually required unless you’re briefing a very large project. Generally, we can manage everything over the Internet, by phone and via Skype.
I’m in another country; can you still write my copy?
A: Yes! I work for clients around the world, including the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, Denmark, Germany and many more!
When the copy is written, can we fiddle with it?
A: As soon as you pay the final invoice, the copy I have written for you is officially YOURS! You can do with it what you wish. Part of the service I offer is to help you learn how to write great SEO-friendly copy yourself, so that you can maintain your own website without having to pay a copywriter!
How long will it take to write my copy?
A: This totally depends on how much there is and how booked up I am. Again, once we agree on a cost for the job, I’ll provide clear and definite deadlines for each stage. As a project manager, I know how important it is to stay on track with timings, and because of this, I guarantee my deadlines. A single page of say 300-400 words could be completed in 1 or 2 days if you are able to supply the content upfront.

Please get in touch and I’ll provide an indicative timeframe once we’ve discussed your job.

Do you also do editing?
A: Yes! Often my clients find it more affordable to write their own copy, and then I simply edit their work.
There are so many copywriters in Sydney, why should I choose you?
A: Great question! You should choose me because, not only will you find working with me enjoyable and educational, you’ll end up with engaging, SEO-friendly copy at a price you can afford. 90% of my work comes from referrals, and I have a stack of lovely testimonials from previous clients. They’re happy and I think you will be too.
How do I know if you’re a good copywriter?
A: If you’re still not convinced, read this article about how to choose a good copywriter.

‘10 questions to ask when hiring a web copywriter’:

What now?
A: Give me a call or drop me an email via my contact form. I’m always happy to have a chat about your project, and even if we don’t end up working together, I’m willing to pass on a few useful tips!

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