Information architecture FAQs

If you have questions about information architecture then check out the answers below:

Who the heck are you?
A: I’m Kate Toon, SEO Copywriter, SEO Consultant and Information Architect! If you want to know more about me, check out my ‘About’ page or view my Linkedin profile.
Where are you?
A: I work out of an office in Newtown Sydney but I live in the sunny Central Coast of NSW.
What is information architecture?
A: Information architecture is the process of planning your website to ensure the best usability, functionality and information flow (as well as ensuring it meets SEO best practice). It involves creating sitemaps, wireframes and functional specifications for your website.

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What is a sitemap?
A: A sitemap is a list of pages or a visual diagram that illustrates all the pages within your website and their hierarchy.
What is a wireframe?
A: A wireframe is a simple grid-like representation of how each web page is going to look and function. For more about wireframes, read this article:

Read this article: How to develop the perfect wireframe


What is a functional specification?
A: A functional specification is a detailed document that acts as an instruction manual for designers, copywriters and developers, providing guidance on how the site should be built. It usually includes:

  • The creative brief.
  • Sitemap.
  • Wireframes.
  • Functional overview.
  • Content breakdown.
  • Social media requirements.
  • Email requirements.
  • Future proofing requirements.
  • SEO rules.
  • Technical specification.
Why do I need a functional specification?
A: A functional specification is used during the proposal stage. You can send it out to developers and get them to quote on the document, meaning that when you get quotes back, you can compare ‘apples with apples’. It also helps everyone understand what is required and build the same website!
How should I structure my navigation?
A: For advice on navigation, read the following blog posts:

‘Selling your site through your site navigation’

‘How to build a very nice navigation’

What now?
A: Give me a call, or drop me an email via my contact form. I’m always happy to have a chat about your project, and even if we don’t end up working together, I’m willing to pass on a few useful tips!

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