Ecommerce copy is a tricky art. It’s vital to squeeze maximum SEO juice out of all those product descriptions, but also make them engaging and differentiate from your competitors. I’m great at that – so if you need an ecommerce copywriter – get in touch.

Here are some of the ecommerce businesses I’ve worked with in Australia and around the world.

Just a quickie:  The content I’ve created for these clients may not be live, or may have been fiddled with after it was supplied. If you’d like to see samples of my work get in touch.


  • Him by Her
  • Hip Kids
  • Malmar Enterprises
  • My Linen
  • Rent Cleva
  • Wovii
“Working with Kate has been 100% stress free. Right from the start Kate got me and my brand and then tackled the copy in an enthusiastic and professional way. When I received the first copy draft from Kate I was so happy, I almost cried. Kate was flexible, fun and full of ideas. I’m really looking forward to working with Kate again soon and seeing what else she has up her sleeve.”
Jen Daniels

Owner, wovii

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