A day in the life of working me

My productivity highs and woes When I chat with business colleagues, or am interviewed for podcasts, these are the phrases I hear the most: “I don’t know how you do it!” “How do you get it all done?” “What’s your productivity secret?” And I get it. I’m prolific. There’s a lot of Toon spread around the interwebs. So in this post I thought I’d share my average day and week,... read more

My top 6 takeaways from Big Digital Adelaide

Or, what you REALLY learn at business conferences “I don’t like events, and I don’t do networking.” This was me a couple of years ago. A committed business hermit whose only concession to getting out there was a rampant Facebook addiction. But recently I’ve started to do a bit more humaning—shaving my back hair, getting out of my jim jams and heading into the real world of business. In fact, I... read more

Learning to love your own voice

So I’m finally a cover girl (actually I’ve been one before but not quite like this). I must say it was a little thrilling to see my head on the cover of Roooar magazine and I was thrilled that new sole owner Anna Dower picked me. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend subscribing to Rooar, it’s free and packed with great articles about business and life. A... read more

I spent $154 on Fiverr and this is what I got

Or, is Fiverr a big fat waste of your hard earned cash? I know what you’re thinking. Fiverr is rubbish, the quality just isn’t there, I wouldn’t dream of risking my dollars on some random unknown human. But then there’s always that person who found a diamond in the rough. The person who says: “I had my entire website built for $7.” “My awesome logo? Yes got it on... read more

6 shitty jobs and the lessons I learned

These days I talk to a lot of copywriters who’ve always been copywriters. I have pairs of socks older than some who are now running highly successful copywriting businesses. But while I admire their chutzpah and envy their entrepreneurial sprit, I also wonder whether going straight into your dream career is actually good for you. Don’t we need a little work experience before we start our own thing? Admittedly... read more

5 big fat lies about eCourses

What the ‘passive income’ pushers don’t want you to know If you hadn’t guessed already, eCourses are kind of the thing right now. A quick scroll through your Facebook timeline will reveal that every Tom, Dick and Barry is running an eCourse on everything from ‘coaching’ to ‘couch surfing’ and ‘mindset’ to ‘macaroon making’. And then there are the eCourses that tell you how to create an eCourse. They... read more

How to run a cosy online community

Top tips for setting up and running a community online. These days communities come in all shapes and sizes. From the tedious, self-promotion pits that are LinkedIn Groups to the slightly serious Google+ communities and the frequently facile Facebook groups. A quick search on Facebook will show there are communities for everything from Making a Murderer conspiracy theory discussions to Badger appreciation. But having sniffed out more communities that... read more

Take a peek inside my She Shed

ToonCave ? She Shed?  Tiny Home? Writing Hut? Whatever you call it, my little backyard cabin has changed the way I do business. It’s amazing to have my own creative space to write, where I can sing loudly to bad pop songs and generally be myself safe in the knowledge that no one is watching. I also know my she shed is an object of lust for many other writers. So I... read more

Hideous copywriting buzzwords that really get my goat

That’s it. I’ve had enough, and it’s time to make a stand. I’m about to give you a bunch of words. And you’re not allowed to use them anymore, okay? (And there are more words here for those who are keen to strike some others from their vernacular.) Hideous copywriting buzzwords that really get my goat #copywriting Click To Tweet No, don’t argue. They make me and everyone else... read more

Is LinkedIn worth the effort?

Or, how to get the best out of the most boring social media platform I know a lot people aren’t fond of LinkedIn. I’m not exactly a raving fan myself. But after investing a little more time I’m starting to see some interesting results. Let me take you through some LinkedIn strategies, and the SEO impacts of posting content on LinkedIn. Is LinkedIn worth the effort? #LinkedIn #SEO #BizTips Click... read more
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