Becoming a freelance copywriter FAQs

If you have questions about becoming a freelance copywriter then check out the answers below:
How do I become a freelance copywriter?
A: For general tips on how to become a freelance copywriter read my post here.
What does a copywriter do?
Some of my tasks in an average day include:

– Maintaining my website and social media sites.
– Discussing new projects with potential clients.
– Preparing proposals and estimates for new jobs.
– Research into a particular brand or company.
– Keyword research and assessment.
– Planning copy decks.
– Writing.
– Completing client amends.
– Invoicing and general bookkeeping.
– Also, since I offer other services, I might also be auditing websites for SEO purposes, creating sitemaps and wireframes, writing functional specs, or giving WordPress advice. The list is endless!

What is a copy deck?
This is my most asked question! Check out the answer by reading ‘How to write a copy deck in five easy steps’ .


What can I earn as a copywriter?
This obviously depends on what you charge. If you’re starting out, you might only be charging around $40 per hour, but there are some copywriters in Sydney who charge over $200 an hour. It all depends on your experience and skill level.
Do I need a website?
Yes. Feel free to use this website as a guide to the kind of content you need to include.
Do I need to be on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn?
Do I need a blog?
Yes. It helps your Search Engine Ranking, shows off your writing style and can also draw in new customers.
What copywriting courses do you recommend?
I recommend the courses offered by The Clever Copywriting School.
How do I get to work for big agencies?
I’d recommend all copywriters to spend some time working in an advertising agency. You’ll get to work on great brands and learn the various processes involved. To get into agencies, try sending in your CV, call them or camp outside their offices.
Do you offer mentoring?
Yes I do. Go here.
Can I work for you?
No. I write all my own copy. Sorry.
Can you refer work to me?
No. I already have a large network of copywriters to whom I refer work to. At the moment I’m not looking for any new ones.
Can I use your templates?
The more templates and documents you can create, the easier your copywriting life will be and the more professional you’ll appear.

If you’d like to buy a copywriting proposal, brief and copy deck template – you’ll find mine for sale here.

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