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I write clever, creative copy your customers will love

 I’m an experienced SEO copywriter and SEO consultant based in Sydney.

I help small businesses, advertising agencies, and corporates (in Australia and across the globe) to produce great content. I also offer training courses and run workshops.

I’m responsible for every piece of work I produce for my clients.

Nope, there’s no room packed with hundreds of minions pumping out copy – I don’t outsource or sub-contract.

You see, over the years, I’ve realised that if I want to guarantee the highest quality, the only person I can trust to get it right every time is me. So that’s how I roll.

What’s in it for you?

A professional, reliable and enthusiastic service.

A range of digital skills including SEO copywriting, SEO consulting, information architecture and training.

Affordable prices and super-fast turnarounds.

A pleasant and positive working experience.

Kate Toon

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My skills

  • Copywriting 100%
  • SEO Copywriting 100%
  • Blog copywriting 100%
  • Small Business copywriting 100%
  • Video scripts 100%
  • SEO 100%
  • Information Architecture 100%
  • Hula hooping 70%

When it comes to experience, I’ve got bucket loads

I began my career as a journalist, moved into publishing, and then into events. In 1997 I started working in the emerging area of digital. My first major digital job was producing the Marks and Spencer e-commerce website, one of the first online shops in the UK. Cool, huh?

I learned the hard way

Over the years, I’ve worked as a full-time Executive Producer, Copywriter and Head of Digital at various advertising agencies. This taught me the hard way how to write epic content, stick to deadlines, keep clients happy and produce excellent ideas under pressure.

I’ve also worked as a chatline operator, masseuse, gibbon keeper, radio DJ, music journalist and in a large retail store selling undies.

Surprisingly, all of this comes in handy when I’m writing your copy.

You’ll enjoy working with me, promise

Although I get a lot of work via Google Natural Search, more often than not my clients come via recommendations.

I strive to ‘over deliver’, and make my clients weak at the knees with delight when they see my work.

It’s the only way I can be sure they’ll come back.

I’ve appeared in

Flying Solo
That's life
Daily Telegraph
Huffington Post
Sydney Morning Herald
“Kate, you are an SEO wiz. Thank you for helping me with my website copy – you did an awesome job. Very happy!” Anita Stevens

Founder, Write it For Me

Awards I’ve won

Flying Solo. Micro Business Community

The Marketing Maverick 2015

George Harcourt Wine Label. Copywriting

2013 PAGE Awards. Category 2 – Excellence in Offset Collateral

Samboy Win the Loot and The Ute”. Video Script Copywriting

AIMIA 2011 Best Social Media, Word-of-Mouth or Viral – Highly Commended:

The Audi A8. The ultimate. Video script copywriting

W³ Awards 2011 Gold Award Web Video – Interactive Video: Video Script Copywriting.

Live and Love Short Film Competition. Website copywriting.

AIMIA 2011 Finalist: Best Science Health or Environment.

Netbank Online Advertising. Concept and copywriting

John Caples Award 2000

Giving back

I am very lucky to have the job that I do and that’s why I’m a big believer in giving back.

I nominate one charity per year to work for completely free of charge, whether they need help with copywriting, SEO or website builds.

If you’d like to be considered as my 2016 charity then please contact me.

I’m also a huge supporter of Kiva. Kiva is a not-for-profit organisation that allows people to lend money via the Internet to people in developing countries through Kiva’s 191 field partners.

Kate Toon CFP Pamplemousse

 Meet my CFO

As a reward for scrolling this far down on my About me page I’d like to introduce you to Pamplemousse. He’s my Chief Furry Officer, muse, companion and all round office chum.

He’s the only other full time employee of Kate Toon Copywriter.


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Love and feedback

Alice Bullivant
Alice Bullivant
11:00 10 Apr 18
Kate's knowledge, advice and support is invaluable. Every single time I have followed her advice, things have improved for my business, and so much so that I invested in her full SEO course with the 1:1 option. This course is a must for small businesses that want to succeed - I should have done it much earlier. I cannot recommend Kate or her SEO course enough - thank you so much Kate for everything that you do and offer.read more
Casey Bryden
Casey Bryden
05:18 10 Apr 18
I'm currently working through the Degustation Recipe for SEO Success and so far my only regret is not having done it sooner. I can now clearly see the SEO opportunities for my business and I understand the actions that I need to take to get my business to the next level. Kate gets straight to the point and, while she clearly has the technical expertise, she manages to speak in layman terms to us non-SEO experts. The course is easily digestible, with short learnings and actions in each module, making it easy to get through between family and work life. If you do one thing for your business, sign up to one of Kate's courses. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm excited about SEO! Thanks Kate!read more
Third & Public
Third & Public
02:45 10 Apr 18
What a fantastic course - I'd been putting it off for so long - but I knew it would be worth it when I finally took the plunge. And it was. My knowledge has soared and my confidence also. It will be incredible to provide our clients with so much additional value moving forward. Thank you so much Kate. Your SEO course is without a doubt an absolute winner.read more
Nicole Cordony
Nicole Cordony
02:05 05 Apr 18
I just had a one hour degustation chat with Kate. By far the most valuable hour I have ever spent on marketing in my 17 year marketing career (seriously). I was blown away by how much we covered in the hour session, and I have never felt clearer about the path to SEO success for my business. Thanks so much Kate, you really are the expert!"read more
Stevie Dillon
Stevie Dillon
19:21 12 Feb 18
Thanks Kate for your Wordpress for SEO course, it was super helpful in building my Wordpress website and your extra assistance was appreciated.read more
Cathy Devlin
Cathy Devlin
11:14 24 Jan 18
I recently started Kate's Recipe for Success course and cannot recommend it highly enough. Kate cuts straight to the point on how to improve your SEO in easy to follow, actionable steps and provides amazing support and guidance to all questions from members in the group. Her knowledge is up to date, relevant and she has a great sense o humour to make the course fun too. Thank-you Kate!!read more
Dierdre El
Dierdre El
07:33 23 Jan 18
If the thought of your business staying the same makes you feel sick to your stomach - you need to do Kate's course. You owe it to yourself to learn from the very best in SEO. I recently completed Kate Toon's Recipe for SEO Success Course, and it was without doubt, the best thing I've EVER done for my business! After a few short weeks of implementing Kate's teachings, I watched my rankings dramatically improve in Google search results for my chosen keywords, and also obtained a top spot in the local pack and knowledge graphs. Previously, the majority of my new clients came from referrals but they're now coming from Google. Website traffic is also increasing daily, which is a direct result of what Kate teaches you to implement. A non-jargony course that's easy to understand and thoroughly enjoyable to complete, Kate's incredible support and sense of humour is a winning combination for any business. I cannot recommend Kate's courses highly enough! Thanks Kate, you're a bl**dy good egg!read more
Regis Gapaillard
Regis Gapaillard
01:30 05 Jan 18
I have done many online courses over the years and Kate's SEO course is one of the best ones. She has extensive knowledge about everything SEO and marketing, but the best part is that her courses are very practical and based on her own experience of what works. You can start implementing on day 1 and get quick results. I keep coming back to her videos to increase my knowledge and improve SEO results for myself and my clients. Thanks so much Kate.read more
Gavin Hodgins
Gavin Hodgins
03:46 19 Dec 17
This is an unbelievably good course. I've followed Kate for a while before decided to take the plunge into the SEO recipe for success course, and I now only wish I had of done this sooner! The course itself is really well structured, there is a lot of amazing content that you get, plus the weekly coaching calls are wickedly good - they really helped me stay focused week to week to ensure I got through and did everything (almost) on time. I can now confidently run the SEO on my sites,, which is going to save me around $4k per annum - considering I paid less than this for the course in total, Im very happy with the return on my investment. Seriously, just go and do this course, you will not regret it. Thanks Kate, your an SEO rockstar!read more
Info | Craig Parry Photography
Info | Craig Parry Photography
00:17 18 Dec 17
I signed up for Kate Toon's SEO course so that I would feel more empowered when chatting to our web guys about our online presence and strategy, and to improve my own skills so that we could start implementing regular content myself. With each week building on the next, I found Kate's course easy to understand and highly beneficial. Not only did I learn about creating content the 'right' way, I've also learnt how to ensure our site is 'healthy' and has a good, solid foundation. There's loads of useful info and resources so the ability to dip back in and work through each step even after the course has ended is a bonus. Highly recommend. Thanks Kate!read more
Claire Gamble
Claire Gamble
12:19 12 Dec 17
I can fully recommend Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success course. I’ve spent loads of time in the past reading articles and speaking to SEO ‘experts’, but apart from picking up a few tips here and there, I still didn’t feel that confident navigating my way around the vast SEO universe – especially the technical side of things. Kate’s course has been the answer to all my problems! It is so thorough, easy to understand and brings together everything in one place – without any nonsense or smoke and mirrors. I was blown away with how much amazing content and resources are included in the course. There’s so much more than I was expecting and I know I'll be revisiting the materials over and over again.read more
Jasmine Andrews
Jasmine Andrews
04:23 12 Dec 17
Before I did Kate's course "The Recipe for SEO Success", I was offering half-assed SEO services to my web design clients. I sort of knew some of the steps to good SEO but didn't have a process to follow to ensure a consistently high quality outcome. Kate's course taught me a great process to follow, plus how to carry out each step thoroughly and for best results. She really knows her stuff and isn't stingy with sharing her years of experience with her students. I've enjoyed it so much that I somehow ended up registering for her Copywriting Conference because I trust Kate and her expertise so much.read more
Alicia Kacar
Alicia Kacar
01:13 11 Dec 17
Kate Toon is the real deal. I've just completed the Recipe for SEO Success e-course, which is hands down the best course I've ever taken - and I've taken a few! Kate combines easy-to-follow lessons with loads of support, tools and resources. In a few short weeks, I've reduced the load time of my website by more than half, and made it to page 1 of Google for several of my keywords. I've even nabbed 2nd position for one particular phrase, which wasn't even on my radar before the course. Thanks Kate - you rock!read more
Stephanie Campanella
Stephanie Campanella
21:51 28 Nov 17
I've just done Kates course and she's spectacular. A real human teaching some awesome tech. Thank You Kate!!read more
Simon Mitchell
Simon Mitchell
22:57 12 Nov 17
Kate Toon's Recipe for SEO Success course offers a detailed (but incredibly easy to understand) insight into the world of SEO. I was a little unsure about making this investment, but considering the amount of information you get (plus lifetime access) it's actually extremely good value for money. I highly recommend the course for both SEO newbies and people who want to extend their skills in this area.read more
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