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“I chose to work with Kate because I love her hype-free yet effective approach to writing copy. She was a true professional to deal with and I appreciated the systems she has in place to manage each project to completion. I’ll be back and will definitely recommend Kate and her services to others.”

Dale Beaumont

Founder and CEO, Business Blueprint

“Kate has a way with words that is second to none! She has done a brilliant job refreshing the content for my website. If you’re looking for an SEO copywriter with invaluable skills who is reliable and super fast then you’ve found her.” Bree Cooper

Practice Manager

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  Words that make you go, ‘WOW’.  

Blog copywriting

  Super engaging, super shareable content.

SEO copywriting

  Copy that pleases humans and the Google gods.

Small business copywriting

  Smart copy that sells your products and services.

Video script copywriting

  Why make your customers read when they can listen and watch?

Information architecture

  Plan that sitemap and work those wireframes.


  I put the ‘OOOO’ in to SEO.


  I’ll teach you my tips and tricks.
“When we have a copywriting project my first call is always to Kate Toon. Why? Well, 1) she’s able to work autonomously and manage copy projects with zero stress. 2) she’s super professional and 3) our clients love her. So, if you’re looking for a digital writer that’s easy to work with, call Kate now!” Matt Poll

General Manager, U1, Sydney

Some of my recent clients

  • Hip Kids
  • Randwick City Council
  • Roads & Maritime
  • Kmart Tyre & Auto Service
“If you are in the market for good digital copy and SEO, get in touch with Kate! She’s very warm, open and friendly to deal with, and her turnaround times kept my project on track.” Trent McHenry

Executive Manager Operations & Development, Kent Institute of Business and Technology

Stuff I’m writing about

How I sold out my eCourse in 12 hours

Or, 11 ways to drive sales without actually selling “Eww.” That blog post headline makes my skin crawl. But it had to be done. Because it’s true — I really did sell out my SEO eCourse in just 12 hours. At around 8am I sent out my slightly ugly plain text email letting people know they could enrol. And by 8pm all the spots were gone, making it the biggest income day, week and month since I started my business. And this despite the fact: It was the highest price I’ve ever charged for my course It was the largest intake I’ve ever had I didn’t spend a cent on advertising* I know, right? Believe me, no-one was more surprised than I was. But while I’m surprised I’m also feeling validated. This big sell out is proof that my marketing approach works. So in this post I want to tell you how I did it. Or rather how I think I did it. Because if anyone knows how hard it is to make and sell an eCourse, it’s me. And if I can help you get a few more bums on your virtual seats, well, it will give me a warm tingle in my wiggly bits. Warning: if you’re reading this hoping for some get-rich-quick scheme, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. It’s more of a get-well-offish-fairly-slowly scheme. 11 ways to drive sales without actually selling #ecourses #selling Click To Tweet   Factor 1: The sales page If I actually told you how long I’ve spent fiddling with my sales page, you’d laugh and I’d cry. It’s been a real...

SEO Spammers can kiss my BUM CHEEKS!

Holy moly it’s been a tough month. I mean seriously. I moved my hosting to a new hosting company – who shall remain nameless because right now they suck. I’m publishing my new book and it’s taking EONS to get it through all the various stages. I’ve been sick as a giss. And it’s launch week for my SEO course, which no matter how much meditation, green tea and GIN I employ is still stressful as all hell. And then this happened. SEO Spammers can kiss my BUM CHEEKS! #SEO Click To Tweet One of my lovely followers Liz received an email from me. Nothing unusual there, I’ve sent heaps of emails in the last few months. But this one was a bit different. Yes, the spelling was worse than usual. Also I moved from referencing myself in the singular to the plural pretty quickly, but my multiple personalities do sometimes get the best of me. Also I used a ‘Z’ rather than an ‘S’ in optimisation. Bleurgh. But other than that – it’s fairly normal right? WRONG.   If you’d rather not read from the image here’s what it said: Hello LIZ VAN VLIET,   I found your web contact email. I would like to discuss a business. I am Kate, Online Marketing Consultant, We are a leading SEO Company offers dedicated search engine optimization (SEO) and Web design services to help you score over your competition. We have a team of 100+ highly qualified professionals who are certified in SEO & Google Ad words and standards providing a wide range of services in order to generate higher visitor traffic to...

How being a better business human can help you win the business battle

Many would have you believe ruthlessness and a mad desire to crush your competition is the answer to winning at business. But what if there was another way to have a better business? Running a business can often feel like going into battle.  Armed with a sturdy website and a polished logo, you let out a valiant cry as you charge forth into the horde of competitors. And many business gurus would have us believe that the only way to triumph is to crush the competition, spy on their tactics, and build a dominating skyscraper on the ruins of their dusty fibro enterprises. But battling your way to business success can be a lonely and exhausting approach. “By embracing competitors, giving back, treating others as you’d want to be treated and taking a less aggressive approach, you can achieve enviable results.” I think there’s a better way. Experience has taught me you can build a thriving, enjoyable business that your customers love and recommend simply by being a better business human. By embracing competitors, giving back, treating others as you’d want to be treated and taking a less aggressive approach, you can achieve enviable results. Here are my tips on how to be an all-round better business human, and how to avoid the muddy trenches of competitor conflict. How being a better business human can help you win the business battle #business Click To Tweet 1. Embrace your competitors  When I started out as a copywriter about eight years ago the market was crowded, with oodles of successful copywriters selling their wordy wares. It was enough to make a...

“Kate nailed the brief from the get go and also helped us nail down the site structure so content could be consumed in a logical and digestible way. The end result was the delivery of engaging, rich, SEO optimized content that that has done wonders in improving the website’s performance.”

Lexi Galton

Marketing Director, Australian Military Bank

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