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“I chose to work with Kate because I love her hype-free yet effective approach to writing copy. She was a true professional to deal with and I appreciated the systems she has in place to manage each project to completion. I’ll be back and will definitely recommend Kate and her services to others.”

Dale Beaumont

Founder and CEO, Business Blueprint

“Kate has a way with words that is second to none! She has done a brilliant job refreshing the content for my website. If you’re looking for an SEO copywriter with invaluable skills who is reliable and super fast then you’ve found her.” Bree Cooper

Practice Manager

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SEO copywriting

  Copy that pleases humans and the Google gods.

Small business copywriting

  Smart copy that sells your products and services.

Video script copywriting

  Why make your customers read when they can listen and watch?

Information architecture

  Plan that sitemap and work those wireframes.


  I put the ‘OOOO’ in to SEO.


  I’ll teach you my tips and tricks.
“When we have a copywriting project my first call is always to Kate Toon. Why? Well, 1) she’s able to work autonomously and manage copy projects with zero stress. 2) she’s super professional and 3) our clients love her. So, if you’re looking for a digital writer that’s easy to work with, call Kate now!” Matt Poll

General Manager, U1, Sydney

Some of my recent clients

  • Hip Kids
  • Randwick City Council
  • Roads & Maritime
  • Kmart Tyre & Auto Service
“If you are in the market for good digital copy and SEO, get in touch with Kate! She’s very warm, open and friendly to deal with, and her turnaround times kept my project on track.” Trent McHenry

Executive Manager Operations & Development, Kent Institute of Business and Technology

Stuff I’m writing about

This amazing Facebook live software will make your videos 10x more effective

Updated: This tool is MAC only – sorry PC creatures. We all know that Facebook live is a powerful tool. It builds connection with your audience, allows you to share your messages in a real and authentic way, and is a lot bloody faster than writing a 1000 word blog post. But we also know that recording Facebook lives are fraught with issues. If you’re on your mobile, the picture is often blurry and wobbly. If you’re on your desktop, I find the connection is totally sucky. And wherever you’re recording, there’s always the fear that you look nervous and unprofessional. So I was excited a few months ago to find a sexy new tool for recording Facebook live videos. It’s so sexy that I was kind of tempted to keep it a secret, but that’s not how I roll so let me share it with you now…   This amazing Facebook live software will make your videos 10x more effective Click To Tweet Introducing MimoLive See, this isn’t one of those posts where I waffle on for ages before doing a ‘ta darrrr’ reveal. I prefer to cut to the chase. The tool is MimoLive from Boinx Software and no, I’m not affiliated because – rather cruelly – they don’t have an affiliate program.   What it does With MimoLive, you actually record the FB live from your desktop and live stream it to your Facebook page or group. The other features I like are that it: Records a version on your desktopwhich you can then edit and upload to YouTube or other platforms. 2. Allows you to share your screen which... read more

How I sold out my eCourse in 12 hours

Or, 11 ways to drive sales without actually selling “Eww.” That blog post headline makes my skin crawl. But it had to be done. Because it’s true — I really did sell out my SEO eCourse in just 12 hours. At around 8am I sent out my slightly ugly plain text email letting people know they could enrol. And by 8pm all the spots were gone, making it the biggest income day, week and month since I started my business. And this despite the fact: It was the highest price I’ve ever charged for my course It was the largest intake I’ve ever had I didn’t spend a cent on advertising* I know, right? Believe me, no-one was more surprised than I was. But while I’m surprised I’m also feeling validated. This big sell out is proof that my marketing approach works. So in this post I want to tell you how I did it. Or rather how I think I did it. Because if anyone knows how hard it is to make and sell an eCourse, it’s me. And if I can help you get a few more bums on your virtual seats, well, it will give me a warm tingle in my wiggly bits. Warning: if you’re reading this hoping for some get-rich-quick scheme, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. It’s more of a get-well-offish-fairly-slowly scheme. 11 ways to drive sales without actually selling #ecourses #selling Click To Tweet   Factor 1: The sales page If I actually told you how long I’ve spent fiddling with my sales page, you’d laugh and I’d cry. It’s been a real... read more

Client testimonials: Your questions answered

When you work for yourself there are no performance reviews, no financial incentives and your birthday party is often celebrated by just you and your cat. So testimonials can be a huge source of encouragement, affirmation and joy. But more than that, testimonials are an essential way of boosting business. Why? Well, people believe people. We all know that word of mouth recommendation is hugely powerful. But word of mouth can be a slow method of driving business. That’s where testimonials come in. Even when you don’t actually know the person making the recommendation, the fact is that a personal experience shared by a real person is a persuasive marketing tool. Put simply, client testimonials win more customers.  Client testimonials: Your questions answered #business #testimonials Click To Tweet I’m a new copywriter, can I use testimonials from my previous employers? I think it’s fine to use testimonials from a previous employer as long as you clearly state your previous role, the name of your employer, when you got the testimonial and why you got it. As you build a collection of testimonials for your new business you can gradually replace the old ones. “While blowing your own trumpet is fine, screaming your brilliance on every single page could nauseate rather than persuade.” How do I approach clients about a testimonial? Of course it would be lovely if all testimonials were unsolicited but let’s get real. People are busy and forgetful. They may have loved your service, but simply don’t remember to write something. If you don’t ask, you don’t get and what’s the worst that can happen? They can simply say ‘no’, but... read more

“Kate nailed the brief from the get go and also helped us nail down the site structure so content could be consumed in a logical and digestible way. The end result was the delivery of engaging, rich, SEO optimized content that that has done wonders in improving the website’s performance.”

Lexi Galton

Marketing Director, Australian Military Bank

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