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“I chose to work with Kate because I love her hype-free yet effective approach to writing copy. She was a true professional to deal with and I appreciated the systems she has in place to manage each project to completion. I’ll be back and will definitely recommend Kate and her services to others.”

Dale Beaumont

Founder and CEO, Business Blueprint

“Kate has a way with words that is second to none! She has done a brilliant job refreshing the content for my website. If you’re looking for an SEO copywriter with invaluable skills who is reliable and super fast then you’ve found her.” Bree Cooper

Practice Manager

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SEO copywriting

  Copy that pleases humans and the Google gods.

Small business copywriting

  Smart copy that sells your products and services.

Video script copywriting

  Why make your customers read when they can listen and watch?

Information architecture

  Plan that sitemap and work those wireframes.


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“When we have a copywriting project my first call is always to Kate Toon. Why? Well, 1) she’s able to work autonomously and manage copy projects with zero stress. 2) she’s super professional and 3) our clients love her. So, if you’re looking for a digital writer that’s easy to work with, call Kate now!” Matt Poll

General Manager, U1, Sydney

Some of my recent clients

  • Hip Kids
  • Randwick City Council
  • Roads & Maritime
  • Kmart Tyre & Auto Service
“If you are in the market for good digital copy and SEO, get in touch with Kate! She’s very warm, open and friendly to deal with, and her turnaround times kept my project on track.” Trent McHenry

Executive Manager Operations & Development, Kent Institute of Business and Technology

Stuff I’m writing about

SEO Spammers can kiss my BUM CHEEKS!

Holy moly it’s been a tough month. I mean seriously. I moved my hosting to a new hosting company – who shall remain nameless because right now they suck. I’m publishing my new book and it’s taking EONS to get it through all the various stages. I’ve been sick as a giss. And it’s launch week for my SEO course, which no matter how much meditation, green tea and GIN I employ is still stressful as all hell. And then this happened. SEO Spammers can kiss my BUM CHEEKS! #SEO Click To Tweet One of my lovely followers Liz received an email from me. Nothing unusual there, I’ve sent heaps of emails in the last few months. But this one was a bit different. Yes, the spelling was worse than usual. Also I moved from referencing myself in the singular to the plural pretty quickly, but my multiple personalities do sometimes get the best of me. Also I used a ‘Z’ rather than an ‘S’ in optimisation. Bleurgh. But other than that – it’s fairly normal right? WRONG.   If you’d rather not read from the image here’s what it said: Hello LIZ VAN VLIET,   I found your web contact email. I would like to discuss a business. I am Kate, Online Marketing Consultant, We are a leading SEO Company offers dedicated search engine optimization (SEO) and Web design services to help you score over your competition. We have a team of 100+ highly qualified professionals who are certified in SEO & Google Ad words and standards providing a wide range of services in order to generate higher visitor traffic to...

Are you suffering from entrepreneurial envy?

Or the year I went full circle with my business A few weeks ago I wasn’t exactly feeling 100%. I don’t know if my yin was squabbling with my yang, my cosmic planetary alignment was skewed, or I simply wasn’t eating enough bananas. But I was up and down like badger on a pogo stick. At first I put it down to being a bit tired. It’s been a huge year at Toon HQ, and right now I’m running on fumes. But then I realised I was suffering from something serious. I had a bad case of entrepreneurial envy. And perhaps you do too. So in this post I’m going to take you through a clinical diagnosis of entrepreneurial envy—the tell-tale signs, the potential treatments, and the long-term side effects. Are you suffering from entrepreneurial envy? #envy #entrepreneur Click To Tweet The pre-existing condition This year my business and I turned a corner. After years of happily cruising down the road towards small business success, I inadvertently hit an on-ramp and found myself on the entrepreneur highway. And let me tell you, it’s been a bumpy ride full of potholes and with loo spots few and far between. Now this wasn’t a deliberate pivot. As I did more, and became slightly more well known, I was asked to do more. My ecourse led to me being invited on more podcasts. One speaking gig led to another. And word of mouth went from a mumble to a slightly irritating noisy hum. My marketing was working – it was terrifying. And as I attended more events, I found myself rubbing shoulders...

How Donald Trump helped me write my book in 7 days

Or, how threats can help you get started I’ll be honest: I feel a bit dirty having the words ‘Donald Trump’ in my headline. And yes, I’ll admit it has a little bit of a click bait style to it. But I’m doing it for a reason, which will become clear (for those of you brave enough to read to the end). Now, let me get stuck into this post. I’m writing a book. Not a glorified two-blogs-posts-glued-together-into-an-ebook book. It’s booky book, with a story and an arc and a stunning and seductive heroine. The heroine is me. And the book tells the story of how I built three successful businesses and a lovely lifestyle without following the traditional entrepreneurial rules. How Donald Trump helped me write my book in 7 days #donaldtrump #writing #books Click To Tweet It’s not a get-rich-quick book either, or one about how-to-work-one-hour-a-week-from-a-hammock. And if you see any mention of earning a seven-figure income you’re welcome to punch me in the boob. A photo posted by Kate Toon (@katetoon) on Oct 24, 2016 at 6:50pm PDT My previous book experience You may not know this, but I’ve already written a few books. There’s my poetry book called Gone Dotty, which is packed with witty heartfelt poems and dog poo haikus. I also wrote an equally awesome illustrated kids book called Wobbly Jim and a Parrot called Sue about a lonely pirate and a kick-arse female parrot. I even have an agent. The kind folk at Curtis Brown felt I had enough promise to make me biro my name on a contract, which was crazy...

“Kate nailed the brief from the get go and also helped us nail down the site structure so content could be consumed in a logical and digestible way. The end result was the delivery of engaging, rich, SEO optimized content that that has done wonders in improving the website’s performance.”

Lexi Galton

Marketing Director, Australian Military Bank

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