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Updated: This tool is MAC only – sorry PC creatures.

We all know that Facebook live is a powerful tool.

It builds connection with your audience, allows you to share your messages in a real and authentic way, and is a lot bloody faster than writing a 1000 word blog post.

But we also know that recording Facebook lives are fraught with issues.

  • If you’re on your mobile, the picture is often blurry and wobbly.
  • If you’re on your desktop, I find the connection is totally sucky.
  • And wherever you’re recording, there’s always the fear that you look nervous and unprofessional.

So I was excited a few months ago to find a sexy new tool for recording Facebook live videos.

It’s so sexy that I was kind of tempted to keep it a secret, but that’s not how I roll so let me share it with you now…


Introducing MimoLive

See, this isn’t one of those posts where I waffle on for ages before doing a ‘ta darrrr’ reveal. I prefer to cut to the chase.

The tool is MimoLive from Boinx Software and no, I’m not affiliated because – rather cruelly – they don’t have an affiliate program.


What it does

With MimoLive, you actually record the FB live from your desktop and live stream it to your Facebook page or group.

The other features I like are that it:

  1. Records a version on your desktopwhich you can then edit and upload to YouTube or other platforms.

Recording mimolive

2. Allows you to share your screen which is super useful for the live SEO audits I do in my I LOVE SEO group.

3. Allows you to do sexy things like have a transparent naming panel



What it costs

You can get a free trial of the software here:



After that it’s a monthly fee of $100 USD.

Which of course is a LOT OF MONEY, but considering I go live about 15 times a month it’s a good investment for me.

I find the ease of use, the quality of videos, the ease of repurposing makes the cost worthwhile.

If you don’t go live as much as me, it might be too high a price tag.

Please note: I’m on a Mac. I’m not 100% sure if it works on PC. I did some digging and am still none the wiser.
They state their system requirements as: OS X 10.10 Yosemite or newer. 8 GB of RAM and a dedicated graphics card is recommended.


How it works

There are heaps of tutorials on the site, but I thought I’d make you a little one here to get you started.

The truth is I’m sure the software can do far more than I’m currently using it for.

But hey, what I’m doing so far is working pretty well, so I’ll add ‘learning all its amazing tricks and functions’ to my 78 page long to-do list.

Here’s a my video tutorial recorded on Loom.

The end result

Here’s an example of a Facebook Live video I recorded today for my Misfit Entrepreneur group.

(You’ll also find lots of examples of FB Live SEO audits in my I Love SEO group if you’d like to join.)



The real result

For me Facebook lives are a quick easy way to connect with my audience, when I’m extremely time poor.

I don’t create a script, I don’t prepare a lot, I just wing it. So I can go live and be done and dusted in less then 15 minutes.

The benefits for me so far have been:

  • Trust: People know the person behind my brand, warts, fluff ups, barking dogs, mad chainsaw men, and all.
  • Course sales: Several of the people I’ve done live audits on have joined my large course “I saw the short audit and wanted more.”
  • Book sales: The live sessions are a great way to show that my book isn’t your average entrepreneur book and let people have a sneak peek at the content.
  • Authority: I cover off SEO, Information architecture usability and copywriting – showing my full skill set

And another reason I know the audits are working because I’ve seen other group owners now copying the idea and doing live audit sessions in their groups. Always a sign that you’re winning!

Since starting to use this FB Live tool I’ve seen a massive upsurge in sign ups for my short courses, my templates and people buying my book.

I also believe they contributed hugely to the 12-hour sell-out of my big course.

So I highly recommend you give it a try.


Confessions of a misfit entrepreneur with Kate Toon

Over to you

What do you use to record your Facebook live videos?


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