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Or, How to set up a Social Media Marketing Campaign in five easy steps

So, you know you need to dive into the Social Media pool, the pressure is on, but you don’t really have a clue what you’re doing.
Never fear, here’s a super succinct guide to setting up a quick and easy Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign.

Step 1: Make a plan

Rather than just leaping forth with Social Media because everyone else is doing it, sit down and have a long hard think about the reasons you need to ‘go social’.

Think about your:

  • Business objectives and model
  • Target audience
  • Current products and services
  • Current marketing plan

Before you embark on a journey into this new territory, be sure you really understand where your brand is at.

Step 2: Set your goal

Too many business play the numbers game with Social Media, defining goals such as “More likes on Facebook”, but we all know that with Marketing (as with most other things), it’s quality not quantity that counts. Instead, think about goals based on engagement (and this doesn’t mean just counting the number of comments or shares you get on a post).

Set out some reasonable, specific Social Media goals that you can check off in a few months time:

  • Encourage users to complete a survey about your business
  • Generate interest about a new service or product launch
  • Increase relevant traffic to your site
  • Reduce the number of customer service enquiries you handle via email
  • Improve reputation and word-of-mouth recommendation

Step 3: Set a tone

To get your Social Media campaign working really well, you need to totally understand your audience and what they want from your brand. Create a voice and content to match their needs. Just because it’s social, doesn’t mean you need to dumb down or ‘act cool’. Be yourself, be your brand and the customers will come.

Step 4: Set up your sites

There seems to be a new social media site appearing every week, but the big five leading social networks are as follows:

  • Facebook: Great for building a community, getting recommendations, sharing and running events and competitions.
  • Twitter: Good for real time interaction and customer service queries.
  • Google +: Similar to Facebook, but not quite as cool.
  • LinkedIn:  The number one Business-to-Business social networking tool.
  • Pinterest: The viral platform for sharing via images.













Get more of a low down on the Social Media statistics here.

Setting up Social Media sites is stupidly easy – and, if you’re a small business, the set up is really something you should try and do yourself, especially if you intend to maintain the sites yourself.

Step 5: Plan your content

Okay, this is the tough bit. You need to find, create and deliver relevant and engaging content – and by engaging I don’t mean photographs of sunsets overlaid with motivational quotes.

So draw up a plan for the next three months that outlines:

  • Frequency: How often are you going to post? What is realistic? How long will it take you to create each post? Who needs to proof it and approve it?
  • Topics: Ideally, draw up some broad category types for your content, such as news, advice, product information, photos, videos, etc.
  • Engagement: Ways to increase audience engagement, such as questions, discussion points, polls, competitions and events.
  • Success metrics: Okay, I know I said it’s not a numbers game, but it’s interesting to set a benchmark for volume of likes, retweets, comments, etc. – just so you can slap yourself on the back when you exceed them.


Social Media can be a great way to develop contact with your customers, increase brand awareness and build a larger audience for your services or products. It’s also a lot of fun! Successful Social Media requires a solid plan and a clear understanding of what you’re trying to achieve.

Just remember that Social Media is a long-term commitment; you’ll really piss off your loyal likers if you disappear for a few months or just share random images of cats falling over. Try to ensure your Social Media strategy is honest, relevant and interesting, and then you can’t go too far wrong.

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