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So last week I spotted a new kid on the Sydney Copywriter block

She’s ranking right behind (and sometimes ahead) of me. Her site looks awesome. She has the same sort of voice as me and offers similar services.

Did I panic?

Did I worry that she would steal my clients?

No I did not.

Instead I did what I always do – I reached out and made contact via LinkedIn.

I said ‘Hi’.

She connected back and then sent me this email.


Pretty awesome, right?

You see this is how I approach my competition.

I work hard not to:

  • Fret that my business is going to go down the loo every time a new writer pops up.
  • Get precious even when I see people nicking my ideas.
  • Panic when I see competitors offering services at lower rates.
  • Be jealous when I see a writer winning my dream client or guest blogging on a cool website.

It isn’t easy, but here’s why I do it.

Sometimes your competitors can actually become your biggest allies

I share tips, advice, and whinges with my biggest competitors. I count some of them as my friends, even though we’ve only communicated over the internet. I even met with some of them for dinner a few months ago.

I send my competitors clients, I do them favours, I share my rates and ideas. Some might call me stupid. But hey it works for me.

In the four years since I decided to go it alone I’ve only had one bad experience when reaching out to another copywriter.

He was a total nut bag who sent me threatening tweets.

But one bad nut won’t change my approach.

So next time you see someone stealing your spot in the rankings, send them a note and say hello. Be cheeky and ask them how they did it? Invite them to join your community.

Over to you

Do you freak out when you see a new competitor on the block? Have you tried approaching your competitors and looking for collaboration opportunities?

Share your experiences below:

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