Yet another f**king blog post

Yet another f**king blog post
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(Warning: this post is a bit brutal.)

I open the wooden door and creep inside.

I hear heavy breathing. The air feels oppressive in this confined space.

I sigh heavily and make my confession…

“My name is Kate Toon, and it’s been two weeks since my last blog post.”


No, I’m not in a confessional. I’m in my home office.

And yes, I’m about as religious as a tea towel. But right now I feel the kind of guilt generally reserved for an ardent God lover.

Why? Because I’ve dropped the blogging ball.

I’ve been busy launching SEO courses, doing client work, and shampooing my dog.

And it got me thinking.

How often should you blog?

I did some intensive research (by which I mean I Googled ‘how often should you blog’) and the results were conclusive.

99%* of users prefer it if you blog once a week.

The frequent blog argument told me:

“Put it this way, would you buy a newspaper everyday if the articles in that paper never changed? Probably not.”

Honey, I wouldn’t buy a newspaper anyway when I can read the articles for free online. But I take your point.

Another website, too dull to mention, told me:

“Don’t Post Less Frequently Than Once Per Week”

Sorry, but how messed up is that sentence? If you can’t even compose a sub-header, why should I take your advice?  But okay, I’m listening: once a week is the go.

ProBlogger told me:

More and more prominent bloggers-on-blogging are moving away from daily posting—and reassuring their readers that you don’t have to post every day in order to be successful.”

Much more sane. Apparently once or twice a week is fine. Thank the Lord for that. Hang on a minute…

Once or twice a week!?

For me, even a once-a-week blog post is a struggle. Unless I want to post total drivel about my latest trip to Coles or ten top tips for wiping your bottom, a once-a-week blog post is a challenge.

You see, for me a 300-word lame opinion piece doesn’t cut it.**

I don’t care about the funny antics of your cat. I don’t want to read a regurgitated article telling me that ‘affect’ is different to ‘effect’. And if I read one more article about a working mum struggling with her work-life balance I’ll slap a baby kitten. IN THE FACE!

I want quality. I want length. I want detail. I want facts. And I want substance.

But Seth Godin posts short blogs

Yep, I hear you. Sometimes Seth’s post are short enough to be written on the inside of a Smarties box.

But the bald-domed guru has built a reputation around his pithy short statements about stuff. And in my humble opinion, a lot of them are so obvious as to be inane. But let’s not get into that.

Seth does what he does, and he does it well. But remember this:

You are not Seth Godin.

And unless you’re the next Oscar Wilde or George Bernard Shaw, don’t expect your pithy witticisms to cut it.

Don’t expect to squirt out some 200-word crappy post, email it to me and have me whooping from the rooftops.

In fact the Don of the interwebs right now, Neil Patel, tells us that short doesn’t cut it.

In his recent post Neil tells us:

“The higher the Google SERP position, the more content the page has.”

And here’s a smashing bar chart from SerpIQ studied search results rank to prove it:




Here’s another from Moz that shows longer post get more backlinks:


And rather than just thieve ideas from Mr Patel, I did my own research. And the most-read blog posts on my site are, for sure, the longest:

Let’s get personal

Okay, so you’ve read some articles about how sharing personal details with your readers leads to better engagement and more of a human connection. And I know you have so much to say.

You think you have an awesome personality, good taste and a great sense of humour. But do you really?

As Marie from Harry Met Sally said:

“Everybody thinks they have good taste and a sense of humor but they couldn’t possibly all have good taste.”

So don’t get personal unless you’re very sure you have something new/interesting to say.

Mark Twain (another pithy dude) once said:

If you have nothing to say, say nothing.

And I agree. If you have nothing to post, post nothing!

  • Don’t squeeze out a desperate and thin attempt at a post just for the sake of it.
  • Don’t assume your loyal readers will read any old crap you push onto your website.
  • Don’t fret that if you fail to post your readers will be weeping into their Weet-bix.

In my opinion, when it comes to blog posts, awesome and infrequent is better than crappy and regular.

Over to you

Do you struggle to come up with post ideas? Do you post even when you have nothing to say? Let me know below.

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* Made-up statistic. “88.2% of Statistics are made up on the spot.Vic Reeves.

** Okay, so I admit that this is just an 800-word opinion piece.

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