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I don’t know if my feminism detector is slightly more attuned since starting to write for Discordia (and since reading Caitlin Moran’s excellent book, How to be a woman). But of late, I’ve noticed that a lot of women say some really stupid stuff about women.

Take my friend the other day: “Well, men are just better at building stuff, aren’t they?” My answer: “No.”

While some men are better at building stuff than some women, other women are better at building stuff than some men. Take, for example, my female friend who is a carpenter. She is much better at making things out of wood than my male friend who can barely replace a battery without hurting himself.

learn-copywriting-courses“Building stuff” is not a skill all men are born with. “Building stuff” is something you learn how to do. While some people are more able at it than others, I doubt very much that having a pair of tits has anything to do with it.

Now fair enough; this friend’s partner may well be more adept at building things, he might have a better attention to detail, be more organised and handier. But we’re talking about two people here. Not the entire human race. I happen to be excellent at building stuff; my eye for detail is just fine and ‘organised’ is my middle name. (It’s not really – it’s Jane – but you get my point.)

And when another intelligent female uttered without shame the opinion, “Men are just better drivers though, I think”, I wanted to slap her ‘round the face with an RTA handbook.

Look – you can argue the toss on these things for hours and back your argument up with scientific studies if you feel so inclined. But making sweeping statements like this is just plain dumb.

Take either of the statements above and imagine them coming out of a man’s mouth and you would shriek “Sexist!” So is it okay to for women to make sexist remarks about their own sex?

Or how about replacing the word ‘men’ with ‘white people’ and you’d be ashamed of yourself for saying anything so outlandishly foul.

So women, please don’t help the male idiots constantly putting females down by doing it yourself. Throwaway remarks like this have an effect. They perpetuate the myth that women are, well, the weaker, thicker, less able sex. And that’s the last thing we need, isn’t it?

Over to you

Is it ok for women to make sexist remarks about their own sex?  Tell me what you think below:

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