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Or how I’m changing my Toon in 2015

I’ll be honest; I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to running my business.

  • While other business types seem happy to trot along at a steady pace, I’m cracking the whip.
  • When my to do list is finally empty, rather than breathing a sigh of relief I quickly create a new to do list.
  • As I reach a long awaited goal, I rarely take the time to pat myself on the back – instead I’m already kicking myself up the bum about the next project.

Recent events have had a sobering effect on me.

They’ve made me realise that I have my priorities all wrong and that I need to seriously sort my shit out.

My business bucket list has gotten out of control.


Because in 2015 I plan to run my business a little differently, and here’s how:


Copywriting rankings Kate ToonGoodbye Google ranking

Right now I’m doing okay on Google when it comes to ranking for my chosen phrases.

Despite a negative SEO attack and various other hiccups my ranking has been pretty good for a few years.

But as with anything, getting to the top is only half the battle and staying at the top is bloody exhausting.

Initially climbing the rankings was great because:

  • I wanted to learn how the dark art of SEO worked so I could pass the info onto my clients
  • I needed more visibility to get work in (have you tried typing copywriting into Google lately? There’s a lot of us out there)

But after a while it stopped being about need or want and instead became about ego.

I had more work than I could handle and I barely had time to go to the loo.

Why the need to pump out more posts and endlessly tweak and twiddle my twiddly bits?

So in 2015 I’m taking my focus away from my own Google ranking.


Do your worst copycats

I get ripped off left, right and centre and while I try not to care, I’ve invested far too much emotional energy cursing my copycats and plotting revenge (which I never have time to take anyway).

So in 2015 you can copy THIS biatches – originality and creativity will always win out over mindless imitation.

You kids play nice now

Over the last few years I’ve set up several Google communities, one for copywriters, one for SEO types and a secret one for my close online buddies. I’ve bent over backwards to answer every question, welcome every newcomer and generally be there for MY TRIBE.

I felt bad when others were quicker off the mark than me, and resented other posters who were more prolific.
I’d created a stick to beat myself with.

The truth is these communities are now self-sustaining. Others are jumping in to help newbies and I don’t need to be there every minute to entertain.

So in 2015 I need to press a pillow firmly onto the face of my inner control freak and allow the communities to run themselves.

Kate TOon communities


I’m exposed enough, thanks

Last year I attended and ran a number of events – seriously I’d have attended the opening of an SEO envelope.

My goal, at first, was to meet new people and get my name out there.

But the truth is, that while it was occasionally fun and fruitful, it was more often than not exhausting and pointless.

So in 2015 I’m not setting up or attending anything unless I’m paid – or someone hot is there.

Kate toon events

The Jones’s can feck off

“Oh she did a workshop, I should do a workshop.”
“Oh he ran an ecourse, I should run an ecourse.”
“Oh she painted herself blue and ran around naked…”

You get the idea.

Like many of you, I’ve made the mistake of following the big shiny new thing.
Of starting new ventures not because I want to or even need to (from a financial standpoint) but cause I feel I ought to.

So in 2015 I’m going to stick more to what I’m good at – writing awesome copy – rather than trying to be awesome at everything in the universe.

(Oh! But I do have an SEO eCourse on the go if you’re keen – shhh!)


My time is precious

People ask me a lot of favours and questions. They seek out my advice, they ask for my opinion and they quiz me for my secrets. It’s nice and all but it eats up a lot of time.

Yes, I could spend 30 minutes explaining to a newbie how to price a certain job – but why should I give up my time for nuffink?
Often without even a thank you.

I’ve spent five years offering free advice on my site and in various forums, I’ve probably answered over 200 trainee copywriter questions.
And I think now I’m done.

So in 2015 if people want my advice – I’ll be asking them to pay me for that advice.


Stop scheming – start beaming

This year has been a year of huge growth, I’ve tried heaps of things and the upshot is that I’ve crossed oodles off my business bucket list. It’s empty. Seriously, I just looked in it and there was nothing but fluff at the bottom.

So in 2015 no more elaborate ventures and no more scheming.


My new focus

Next year I’m going to focus on giving my existing clients more love and attention.

And I’m going to focus on giving myself and my husband, my son and my dog more attention.

Hell, I might even catch-up with a friend or two, take those piano lessons I’ve been planning on, visit the gym or learn to drive.

But most importantly, instead of laboriously ticking off self-created tasks on my TO DO LIST, I’m going to focus on my TO BE LIST.

Because being happy and running a business don’t have to be mutually exclusive.


Over to you

Do you plan to do anything differently in 2015? What big lessons have you learned in 2014? What do you think of my plan for 2015?

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