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or How one press release created a media frenzy

A few weeks ago, I bumped into my friend Simone who was in a bit of a flap. She’d recently performed her Burlesque Fitness routine at Avoca Markets hoping to promote her tongue-in-cheek fitness routines to a new audience.

Sadly, after the event the organisers, Fixx Events, said they had received complaints from mums who felt the moves and music were too raunchy and ‘risqué’, and therefore she was politely invited not to come back. Simone was devastated. This was a new venture for her and she was worried about the impact this negative feedback would have on her reputation and customers.

Getting your name in the press

I’m a huge supporter of the Avoca Markets (the coolest markets on the Central Coast) and think the organisers do a great job, but I recognised that this was just the sort of juicy little local controversy that news reporters love. A story like this would make a great light-hearted ‘and finally’ story for the newsreaders to smugly comment on, right?  So, I suggested I write Simone a press release and capitalise on some free publicity.

I wrote a brief press release based on emails from the organiser’s customer feedback and Simone’s own thoughts, then we sent it off to the local press and waited for the phone to ring.

Well, pretty soon it had her phone ringing off the hook! In the last few days Simone has appeared in/on:

–       The Express Advocate

–       Channel Nine evening news

–       2GB Radio

And a New Zealand breakfast show.

Here’s what Simone had to say:

“Kate, thanks for providing such an effective press release. Not only did it lead to a feature article in the Express Advocate (including a front page mention), but also a live radio interview on 2GB. To top it off, Burlesque Fitness made the evening news as a main story on National Nine News!!!! Talk about turning a negative into a positive. Being labelled ’too risqué‘ has certainly turned out to be a blessing for Burlesque Fitness! My phone hasn’t stopped ringing and my inbox is packed with new enquiries from women who are eager to try the sexy new way to get fit and have fun.”

Simone Keller – Owner Burlesques fitness

From an SEO point of view, news stories like this are GOLD! Pushing your site to the top of the rankings, and driving a stack of traffic to your website.

So, next time something bad happens, think hard about how you can turn it around. The power of positive thinking (and a well-written press release) has definitely worked for Simone and her Burlesque fitness classes. What could it do for you?

P.S. In return for my copywriting, Simone has promised me a lifetime’s free burlesque fitness classes, so finally I can bring my own ‘sexy’ back!

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