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I’m super excited to announce my new copywriting podcast is now live.

It’s a collaboration with the flame-haired lovely that is Belinda Weaver – of Copywrite Matters fame – and if you’re into learning about anything to do with writing or copywriting, I think you’re going to love it.



Hot Copy podcastWhat is the Hot Copy Podcast?

The Hot Copy Podcast is a copywriting podcast for copywriters (who like copy and copywriting and being copywriters 😛 ).

In each episode, our goal is to share the secrets of successful copywriters (like our good selves) including:

  • Easy to implement copywriting techniques, tips and tricks
  • Specific copywriting training for content marketing, emails, direct mail, advertising and more
  • The nuts and bolts of running a successful copywriting business
  • Practical advice on how to find customers and manage clients
  • Tools and resources we love to use

We’ll also be doing interviews with other successful copywriters (our first one with Glenn Murray, just went live today).

If you want to check it out right now – head over to iTunes, Stitcher, or visit the Hot Copy Podcast website.

How did you get started?

Okay, I have to be 100% honest and admit that the Hot Copy Podcast was not my idea.

All the credit is due to Belinda.

In fact, before we started the podcast I was a bit vague about what they actually were (and I’d never listened to one).

Belinda and I met in San Francisco (as you do) a few months back, and she mentioned the idea – and me being a fan of all things new and shiny said yes without a second thought.
So, I asked Belinda why did she think it was a good idea to start a podcast, and she said:

“As I listened to new trends in marketing, it became clear that podcasting as a form of content marketing, was already experiencing a huge wave of popularity. I started wondering if it would be a great way to reach a new audience for my copywriting course and there weren’t any copywriting podcasts I wanted to listen to. That’s a clear sign it’s time to create something yourself!”

So why did she pick me?

Of course Belinda had her pick of eager copywriters to invite to join her on her podcasting adventure.

It only occurred to me yesterday to ask why she picked little old me:

“I approached Kate with the idea of collaborating on a podcast for a few reasons. She really knows her stuff. That was a prerequisite, naturally. Kate is also my kind of girl. As you will know, she has a wicked sense of humour and posts irreverent, transparent views of her life and business. I like that. And, thanks to that transparency, I knew she’d bought a podcasting microphone.


I mean, I didn’t want to be competing against someone I liked and respected. Why not join forces and be even more awesome, together?”

So she only wanted me for my microphone? Witch!!

How has it been working together?Top ranking podcast

So far, it’s been good working together.

We quickly split the roles into two clear divisions:

  • Kate: building website, doing SEO bits, adding new podcasts and creating graphics.
  • Belinda: Editing all podcasts, and managing all things iTunes, Stitcher and podcast related.

When it come to the actual podcasts, we’re taking it in turns to ‘own’ the subject, write up notes, gather feedback from each other and prepare the website copy.

We record the podcasts each week (late at night for poor Belinda – she’s in San Fran don’t you know), and then, while Belinda edits them, I work on the podcast page coding and graphic creation. Then we both social share the bejeeezus out of them.

It’s for sure a struggle to find time to squeeze the podcast into my crazy busy schedule, but it’s amazing what you find time for when you really want to.


I’ll admit I don’t play that well with others. I’m used to doing my own thing at my own pace, so it’s been challenging at times working with another human.

Belinda has been the whip cracker for sure, and I’ve often felt a bit like the lazy lump.

We’ve had a few miscommunications and one near Skype argument (that didn’t turn into an argument ‘cos we’re both rubbish at conflict) and it’s taken us a while to find our flow.

But, now I think we’re getting there.

When it comes to the podcast, I’d say that Belinda is the calm and collected one and I’m a bit more out there – I was banned from swearing for starters (I’m not even allowed to say ‘arse’), so that we could keep our ‘clean rating’!

Toon note: I’m hoping we can have a few more ‘relaxed’ pods in the future – as some of my fave podders have the explicit rating – it’s not like they’re dropping the Fbomb, but it does mean they can just let it all hangout.)

Our first four copywriting podcasts are now live

We launched with three podcasts and added another just today:

What’s in it for you?

Obviously, the Hot Copy Podcast is 100% free, and always will be, so Belinda and I aren’t earning anything from it.

It’s probably going to cost us a couple of thousand dollars a year to create (and that’s not including our time).
So, why are we doing it? Well apart from just enjoying it, we both believe that podcasts are a great way to:

The story so far

We launched the podcasts on Monday 6th July 2015, and, so far, we’ve had some lovely feedback. Thank you lovely feedbackers.

We’ve also seen some fun results including:

  • Making the New and Noteworthy list on our first day
  • Appeared at the top of the Top Podcasts for Business
  • Briefly sitting above Tim Ferriss in the business charts

We’ve had some nice reviews, and so far have a strong five star rating – whoop!

We’ll be publishing every fortnight for… well for as long as we can!

Hot copy podcast

Ready to listen?

If you want to check out the Hot Copy Podcast right now, head over to iTunes, Stitcher, or visit the Hot Copy Podcast website.

You can also find us on:

Oh and if you like what you hear, leave us a rating and review on iTunes. You’ll find have some instructions here on how to review us.

A new found love

Now that I’ve started my own podcast, it’s given me the opportunity to explore others. I currently have six downloaded and ready for my daily walk with my CFO. I find Podcasts are great way to ‘download’ a chunk of info while you’re busy doing other things. My faves so far include:

And of course The Hot Copy Podcast!

Over to you

Are you a fan of podcasts? What are some of your favourites? What do you think of the Hot Copy Podcast?

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