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Read testimonials for my SEO consultancy, SEO copywriting, information architecture, advertising, digital strategy and website development work.     You can see more reviews by clicking the logos below:

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“Kate worked on the copy for my website and provided me with valuable SEO & SEM tips. She is one knowledgable women! The amount I have learned from Kate is immense and the copy is perfect. I am very grateful for how giving she is. She delivered so much more than I expected, she really goes the extra mile. A very refreshing and inspiring experience. When the time is right, I will definitely be back for more.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert. Samantha Harding-Farrenberg

Owner, Paper Tree Photography

“Kate is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is an extremely talented individual with the ability to absorb masses of information and turn it into something that is client and customer friendly. She a true wordsmith and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative. Neville Gotla

Senior Producer - Audi, MassMedia Studios

“I have known Kate for many years as a colleague and as a freelance creative resource. She has an excellent understanding of all aspects of digital strategy and implementation, a brilliant writing brain and a sense of humour that is second to none. I have no hesitation using Kate for any creative campaign.” Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative. Craig Bailey

Creative Director, Pusher

“Kate has done a great job developing my website. She was professional and had lots of great ideas to maximise people finding my site.” Sophie Scott

National Medical Reporter for the ABC, ABC

“We’ve known Kate as a digital marketing producer, information architect, trainer and copywriter for over a decade and we’ve seen how she manages to add incredible value to every business she works for. She can assess and implement SEO quick-wins but also advises on medium and long term strategy to shape your SEO and SEM campaigns. As a web copywriter and information architect, she is fantastic because she understands two critical things – a) how people use websites and b) how search engine bots use websites. We highly recommend her services for small businesses, ad agencies and corporates.” (Review taken from Google.) Anurag Chakradhar

Director, Thinkun

“I recently worked with Kate to develop some marketing copy and was impressed with her no-nonsense style. She understood my business, knew just what I needed, and delivered a clear, concise product on time, with the added bonus of a strong focus on keywords and SEO. A great combination, and I’ll be calling on her again.” Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity. Patty Keegan

Director, Digital Chameleon

“I have worked with Kate on several email newsletters and found her online copywriting particularly on the mark. She is a proactive and professional writer and it has been a pleasure to work with her. A quote from one of my clients that Kate did copywriting for was “We are over the moon with Kate Toon“.‎” Kirsty Pearce

Account Director, Tipping Point

“I approached Kate in the early stages of setting up my business for assistance with my website. Having a very limited IT background , Kate displayed an incredible amount of patience throughout the entire process as well as offering down to earth and invaluable support and advice. Kate was able to deliver a revamped, awesome website in a short space of time that was not only in sync with the nature of my business but was also capable of boosting interest in our business instantly. She also taught me about many areas of the web and has opened up a whole new world for me to explore and to grow my business in the most time efficient way. Kate’s professionalism and work ethic was very impressive and I would have no hesitation in recommending Kate for your IT needs. Thank you Kate, you truly are a ‘guru’. Jennifer Hamilton

Director, JenniferHamilton.com

“We’ve just finished a brief engagement of Kate, where she assisted with SEO strategy. It’s been hugely beneficial. Kate is immensely knowledgeable, very practical and highly flexible. She delivered a large amount of value in a very short time – a really impressive result. I couldn’t recommend her more.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value. Anthony Voight

Director, Brighton Consulting

“In a world filled with SEO information, it has been great to receive such concise usable SEO knowledge from such a profoundly personable professional. The proof will be in the ranking, thank you.” Top qualities: Personable , Expert , On Time. John Kean

Director, Vermillian

“Kate is such a great writer and in the online space is bloody rare. She is truly an expert in SEO and really knows how to write copy that drives traffic to your site or landing page. She’s very professional and not precious, she contributes to ideas and makes recommendations that are based around sound business decisions. I’ve worked with Kate on a number of jobs and each time she comes back on time and the copy is crafted for each job she is given. For me personally I know if I give her the job then I know it will be done well and or time, she takes a lot of pain and anxiety from me and she always delivers on getting the copy just right. I work with her every time and like her copy I know I’ll get the results.” Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time. Kevin Ferry

Creative Director, Bullseye

“Kate was prompt, on brief, on time and the copy quality was great. What more can you ask for.” Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time. Glen Knowles

Director, Kelly Street Digital

“Kate definitely has all the high quality skills and experience her CV and the other comments suggest. But in simple terms, I love working with Kate, and that counts for a lot in my book. So I will continue to work with Kate when and where I can. Why? Again simple things. I like how she always adds value to any project she works on. I like how I can just give her a project, whether simple or complicated, and I know it will get done, and done well. I like how she collaborates. I like how she is not creatively precious – as some great writers can be. And I like how her focus is always on what is best for the client… Work with her – there will be no regrets!” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Justin Zachan

Senior Producer, Ideagarden (Now Apparent)

“Kate was highly professional throughout my dealings with her. A highly passionate individual who provides a very high standard of work and also very easy to work with. I would definitely seek her services again if I had a similar brief. May 18, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time. Ramzi Yakob

Strategist, Hypernaked

“I have worked with Kate on several projects over the years. The most recent was for copywriting and she interpreted the brief perfectly and provided us with one of the best copy documents I have seen. Her attention to detail and inclusion of SEO and site cross linking strategies made coding the site a much more efficient task. If you need a freelance web / SEO copywriter I highly recommend Kate.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative. Brad Amos

General Manager, Redbox Digital

“Kate has a huge breadth of experience and skill that makes her a great asset to have working on any project. She is extremely professional, diligent and proactive in her approach and someone we will continue to work with.” Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity. Tom Hutton

General Manager, Ideagarden (now Apparent)

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I’m an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with heaps of experience. I help big brands and small businesses to produce engaging, creative, clever content. Now I’m ready to help you.

Love and feedback

Stevie Dillon
Stevie Dillon
19:21 12 Feb 18
Thanks Kate for your Wordpress for SEO course, it was super helpful in building my Wordpress website and your extra assistance was appreciated.read more
Cathy Devlin
Cathy Devlin
11:14 24 Jan 18
I recently started Kate's Recipe for Success course and cannot recommend it highly enough. Kate cuts straight to the point on how to improve your SEO in easy to follow, actionable steps and provides amazing support and guidance to all questions from members in the group. Her knowledge is up to date, relevant and she has a great sense o humour to make the course fun too. Thank-you Kate!!read more
Dierdre El
Dierdre El
07:33 23 Jan 18
If the thought of your business staying the same makes you feel sick to your stomach - you need to do Kate's course. You owe it to yourself to learn from the very best in SEO. I recently completed Kate Toon's Recipe for SEO Success Course, and it was without doubt, the best thing I've EVER done for my business! After a few short weeks of implementing Kate's teachings, I watched my rankings dramatically improve in Google search results for my chosen keywords, and also obtained a top spot in the local pack and knowledge graphs. Previously, the majority of my new clients came from referrals but they're now coming from Google. Website traffic is also increasing daily, which is a direct result of what Kate teaches you to implement. A non-jargony course that's easy to understand and thoroughly enjoyable to complete, Kate's incredible support and sense of humour is a winning combination for any business. I cannot recommend Kate's courses highly enough! Thanks Kate, you're a bl**dy good egg!read more
Regis Gapaillard
Regis Gapaillard
01:30 05 Jan 18
I have done many online courses over the years and Kate's SEO course is one of the best ones. She has extensive knowledge about everything SEO and marketing, but the best part is that her courses are very practical and based on her own experience of what works. You can start implementing on day 1 and get quick results. I keep coming back to her videos to increase my knowledge and improve SEO results for myself and my clients. Thanks so much Kate.read more
Gavin Hodgins
Gavin Hodgins
03:46 19 Dec 17
This is an unbelievably good course. I've followed Kate for a while before decided to take the plunge into the SEO recipe for success course, and I now only wish I had of done this sooner! The course itself is really well structured, there is a lot of amazing content that you get, plus the weekly coaching calls are wickedly good - they really helped me stay focused week to week to ensure I got through and did everything (almost) on time. I can now confidently run the SEO on my sites,, which is going to save me around $4k per annum - considering I paid less than this for the course in total, Im very happy with the return on my investment. Seriously, just go and do this course, you will not regret it. Thanks Kate, your an SEO rockstar!read more
Info | Craig Parry Photography
Info | Craig Parry Photography
00:17 18 Dec 17
I signed up for Kate Toon's SEO course so that I would feel more empowered when chatting to our web guys about our online presence and strategy, and to improve my own skills so that we could start implementing regular content myself. With each week building on the next, I found Kate's course easy to understand and highly beneficial. Not only did I learn about creating content the 'right' way, I've also learnt how to ensure our site is 'healthy' and has a good, solid foundation. There's loads of useful info and resources so the ability to dip back in and work through each step even after the course has ended is a bonus. Highly recommend. Thanks Kate!read more
Claire Gamble
Claire Gamble
12:19 12 Dec 17
I can fully recommend Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success course. I’ve spent loads of time in the past reading articles and speaking to SEO ‘experts’, but apart from picking up a few tips here and there, I still didn’t feel that confident navigating my way around the vast SEO universe – especially the technical side of things. Kate’s course has been the answer to all my problems! It is so thorough, easy to understand and brings together everything in one place – without any nonsense or smoke and mirrors. I was blown away with how much amazing content and resources are included in the course. There’s so much more than I was expecting and I know I'll be revisiting the materials over and over again.read more
Jasmine Andrews
Jasmine Andrews
04:23 12 Dec 17
Before I did Kate's course "The Recipe for SEO Success", I was offering half-assed SEO services to my web design clients. I sort of knew some of the steps to good SEO but didn't have a process to follow to ensure a consistently high quality outcome. Kate's course taught me a great process to follow, plus how to carry out each step thoroughly and for best results. She really knows her stuff and isn't stingy with sharing her years of experience with her students. I've enjoyed it so much that I somehow ended up registering for her Copywriting Conference because I trust Kate and her expertise so much.read more
Alicia Kacar
Alicia Kacar
01:13 11 Dec 17
Kate Toon is the real deal. I've just completed the Recipe for SEO Success e-course, which is hands down the best course I've ever taken - and I've taken a few! Kate combines easy-to-follow lessons with loads of support, tools and resources. In a few short weeks, I've reduced the load time of my website by more than half, and made it to page 1 of Google for several of my keywords. I've even nabbed 2nd position for one particular phrase, which wasn't even on my radar before the course. Thanks Kate - you rock!read more
Stephanie Campanella
Stephanie Campanella
21:51 28 Nov 17
I've just done Kates course and she's spectacular. A real human teaching some awesome tech. Thank You Kate!!read more
Simon Mitchell
Simon Mitchell
22:57 12 Nov 17
Kate Toon's Recipe for SEO Success course offers a detailed (but incredibly easy to understand) insight into the world of SEO. I was a little unsure about making this investment, but considering the amount of information you get (plus lifetime access) it's actually extremely good value for money. I highly recommend the course for both SEO newbies and people who want to extend their skills in this area.read more
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