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ToonCave ? She Shed?  Tiny Home? Writing Hut?

Whatever you call it, my little backyard cabin has changed the way I do business. It’s amazing to have my own creative space to write, where I can sing loudly to bad pop songs and generally be myself safe in the knowledge that no one is watching.
I also know my she shed is an object of lust for many other writers.

So I thought I’d share a few #ShedPorn pictures (yes ShedPorn is a thing) to satisfy your lusty hut desires.

Lots of articles seem to focus on the exterior, so this time I thought I’d share some interior shots.

You can read the story of its creation here. (Incidentally this was the most popular post on my website this year.)

These amazing shots were created by my friend and SEO course student Sandra Henri (from Sandra Henri Photography) for an upcoming book – more details soon.

I think I look fairly glam, like something out of Home and Garden, but of course my C.F.O. Pamplemousse, steals the show.

She shed exterior

From the outside (I painted it all myself).

Backyard cabin

Some unread books


Kate Toon Copywriter

Me pretending to work inside my ToonCave





She Shed

My son’s excellent artwork.


She shed inside

Tea and coffee and an easy chair for thinking.


Hanging plant that I haven't killed (yet)

Hanging plant that I haven’t killed (yet).


Through the beaded curtain

Through the beaded curtain.


Pomp get's in on the action

Pomp gets in on the action.


Star wars figures

Star Wars.


But first coffee

But first coffee.


Toon cave

ToonCave sign made by my clever chum.


Writing shed

Obligatory Oatmeal Poster

So that’s it. Not many words in this post, but the pictures say it all.

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*C.F.O. = Chief Furry Office.

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