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A quick and simple list of words that I’d like you to avoid using:


If you want to emphasise something, use a single word that expresses what you’re trying to say. You won’t need really or very.


Each snowflake is unique. Your business probably isn’t.


Innovative businesses don’t have to say it; they demonstrate it.


You’re ‘passionate’ about bricklaying? Hmm, sounds odd – right? Save your passion for the boudoir and find a better adjective.


The word ‘just’ doesn’t add any value to your sentence – try crossing it out. There – told you.


It’s ‘free’, not ‘for free’. If you want to expand, use ‘complimentary’.


Basically, if you remove these words your sentence will improve, I promise.


This word won’t make you appear to be more intelligent. Use ‘use’.


Don’t write would of, should of, could of when you mean would have, should have, could have.

!!! *

If you want your copy to look as if it were written by an excitable teenage girl, then use exclamation marks. See if I care! Use three if you want to appear insane!!!


* I know ‘!!!’ isn’t a word, but use of exclamation marks is a pet peeve of mine so I couldn’t leave them out.

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