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It’s always nice to get a little free publicity, even if you get called an ‘addict’ and a ‘junkie’ in the process.

Yesterday I featured in the Sydney Morning Herald (page 3 of the papery version), giving my opinion on digital addiction, digital detoxing and social media.

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The article came about as the author, Catherine Armitage, had read my two blog posts about Digital Detoxing:

I guess I am the perfect candidate for an article about social media addiction, but I must say, it annoys me when my friends criticise me for being online so much.

Isn’t that a bit like saying to a bus driver ‘you spend too much time driving buses’?

I’m online because it’s my job, my passion, and in all honesty, because I’d struggle to live my life without the internet.

If that makes me an addict, well so be it.

Gotta dash, I’ve missed three minutes of twitter updates writing this.

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