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Australia’s number-one pin up photography studio 

I loved working on the fabulous new Sherbet Birdie website. It’s a project I’m particularly proud of. Check it out on the link below.

Visit the Sherbet Birdie website

What is Sherbet Birdie?

Have you always dreamed of being a classic, vintage pin-up girl but never knew how? Do you long for a bit of 1940’s glamour, 50’s cheesecake or retro style? Sherbet Birdie can help.

Sherbet Birdie are Australia’s leading pin-up photographer, producing glamorous, sophisticated vintage photos from our cosy and luxurious photography studio in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

“(Kate) made the entire process involved in a website redesign completely fluid and easy! Being a small business owner my time is ALWAYS stretched and I never have time to dedicate resources to our website. Kate gave me a thorough document to make the ‘briefing’ process easy and efficient, and then set to work nailing the SEO copy content for our site. She also helped me visualise how the copy would be translated in a website. What I imagined would be a very difficult process was efficient and seamless! Kate’s web designer contacts have also impressed me, and she even helped me to source quotes. She’d previously worked as a project manager and that becomes very apparent when working with her. She drives the process so well in fact that I only wish she would work for Sherbet Birdie! Thank you Kate.”
Sasha Dobies, Owner – Sherbet Birdie

My involvement with Sherbet Birdie

I actually approached Sherbet Birdie first. I’d seen a photograph of a friend and thought it was amazing, I contacted Sasha to enquire about costs and whether she would ever shoot in Sydney. As luck would have it, Sasha was thinking about a site revamp and wanted to improve Google ranking. Serendipity defined! Although originally Sasha wanted an SEO audit, we agreed that in the long run it would be more cost-effective and beneficial to actually rebuild the site along sound SEO principles. Ultimately I helped her with:

  • Creating a functional specification document including site architecture, site map and wireframes.
  • Web development agency briefing and selection. We went with the brilliant team at VOLT, who have done a fabulous job of the design and build.
  • SEO copywriting for the entire site.
  • SEO advice and consultancy.

My lovely Sherbet Birdie photographs

Of course, after all that hard work there was no way I could miss out on my own vintage pin-up photo shoot! Sasha made a special trip to Sydney to shoot me and two other women. The results can be seen below. It was a gorgeous and glamorous experience that I highly recommend.

I’ll treasure my pictures as I get older, saggier and more hideous with age!


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