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Or how to get your customer from A to Buy!

I’ve helped many clients decide the content structure for their website. At first it can seem very complicated, especially if you’re working from an old site that has evolved in quite a haphazard way over the years.

My aim is always to go back to basics and think about the journey your potential customer is taking.

In simple terms, if you’re trying to sell a product or service you want your customer to  understand what you’re selling and also why it’s great. But you’re also attempting to convince them that you’re trustworthy, and that your claims can be backed up.

After you’ve sold the product, the journey doesn’t end. Your customers will want help and support to ensure they can use the product correctly. And, assuming they love your product, they’ll want updates from you down the track.

So how do you get your clients from A to Buy as quickly as possible on your website?

Translating this journey into a site architecture or sitemap could look something like this:

Step Page name
Step 1: The BIG SELL Home
Step 2: What is it? About/What
Step 3: Why do I need it? Benefits/Why
Step 4: Okay, I’m keen. Tell me more Features/Services
Step 5: Who else is using it? Clients
Step 6: What do they think? Testimonials
Step 7: I want to see it. Portfolio/Demo
Step 8: Before I buy, who the heck are you? Company/Team
Step 9: I want it! Contact/Buy
Step 10: I’ve got it; now help me figure it out. Support
Step 11: I love it! Send me updates. Newsletter, blog, news
Step 12: I want to tell the world. Social media

I believe this KISS structure works for nearly all websites selling a product or a service. That’s why many big brand sites have a similar structure with similar names for their pages. It works; users can make their way through the site without having to think too hard, allowing them to focus on your product.

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