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Long-lasting client relationships make me happy.

Not only do you become genuinely fond of the client, but also you understand their brand inside out. You get their quirks and their pet hates. And they in turn understand the way you work.

I’ve been working with Market Research Agency Play since the beginning of 2014 and our relationship gets better every day. Here’s our story.

The background

PLAY approached mein 2013. Sadly I was too busy, and sent them on to another copywriter.

I was rather surprised (and pleased) when they came back to me.

Chris Thomas, the owner of PLAY, told me he had written most of the website content himself. But despite years of writing reports, he felt his words were a little dry and didn’t fully convey his brand personality.

Here’s what Chris told me:

“I had never used a copywriter previously, but I stumbled upon a blog written by you and immediately realised the value a good copywriter could add.   Your words just jumped out and I knew you’d be a great fit for the company. Despite checking out numerous copywriters, I just felt there was just something pulling me towards you.”

It was good to know my magnetic powers were working.

We agreed to work on a retainer basis. This is a win/win for clients and copywriters because:

a)    I get paid in advance for an agreed amount of work each month

b)    The client gets a set, reduced rate and is confident their work will be prioritised over ad-hoc jobs

The brief

We agreed that I’d write five blog posts a month, at around 1000 words a post. I set them up with a content planner on Google Docs, and once we agreed on the weekly schedule I got to work.

The challenge

Chris wanted readable, engaging content instead of the stereotypical “boring/safe/conservative” market research agency copy he’d read so often.

“I wanted the tone to be a core differentiator. I was happy to stand out against the crowd in an effort to attract clients who held similar views. We prefer working with clients who want to push the boundaries of traditional market research – so it was important that the blog posts Kate wrote attracted these kinds of clients.”

The work

So far I’ve written 17 blogs for Play MR that have appeared on their website, in print format for magazines such as Marketing Mag and Convenience World Magazine, and on the Marketing Mag blog.

We also made this awesome infographic (click on the image to view a larger version).

coffee infographic

And more recently I wrote the script and provided creative direction for their anniversary video.

The feedback

I truly enjoy working with Play, and I’m always pleased when I see an email from them pop into my inbox. I feel part of the team, and the steady ongoing relationship means I can step outside the specific brief or project and send them other ideas.

Oh, and I’ve learned a lot about Market Research too.

Here’s what they have to say about me.

“Kate has been awesome and all of us are consistently in awe of how she can quickly translate our clunky chunks of text into catchy readable articles.
I love the way that the relationship isn’t purely transactional – it is a partnership and we feel Kate is part of the team. She adds value in many ways, often outside of her remit. She has recommended several other suppliers who have further improved what we do, proactively made website improvement suggestions, and has challenged us to think differently.
As a result, we have been published in various magazines and have found our way into highly competitive leading blogs. Kate is one of our most prized weapons in our armoury!”

The results

Chris reports that site traffic has doubled since we started producing blogs. Time on site has increased, bounce rate has reduced, and visitors are viewing more pages in a single visit.

The blogs are also sent to prospective clients.

First blog

You can visit the Play’s site at, connect on Google+, follow them on Twitter.

Your turn to share

What do you think of the work I’ve produced for PLAY Market Research? Do you work with clients/suppliers on a retainer basis? And if so, what benefits do you think it brings?

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