Periscope: A How To Guide

Periscope: A How To Guide
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Or how to create your first Periscope, scope!

I’ve officially been using Periscope for 24 hours, which means I’m entitled to call myself a Periscope expert, right?

I’m planning to launch a Periscope ecourse and a 67-week coaching program by tomorrow morning.

Of course I jest.

I know diddlysquat about Periscope, but the truth is no one does. It’s so new it’s still wet behind the ears and many of my peers are yet to sign up.

But I thought I’d share my findings so far for your interest and general amusement.

You can find me on Periscope @katetooncopy, check out my previous scopes here, or watch replays on my YouTube channel.

What is Periscope?

If you have better things to do than wait for the next social media bubble to burst, then you may not have heard about Periscope.

Periscope is the new video streaming platform that is ‘taking the social media world by storm’ (this week).

Psst: It’s so new that if you Google “how to make a periscope”, you’ll still gets instructions that involve cardboard tubes and small mirrors.

how to make a periscope

Essentially Periscope let’s you make live videos using your smart phone, which you can broadcast over the interwebs. Your followers (and also complete strangers) can interact with you while you broadcast, sending you little messages and showering you with multi colour hearts (the Periscope version of a Like).

What’s the point?

Periscope gives people ‘a window into your world’. It’s real and a little rough around the edges, which is kind of nice as it makes the experience seem more authentic (but I’m guessing some serious production values will come into play soon).

The idea is that you can stream your thoughts real time, interact with people, form interweb relationships and generally connect with other humans.

How to get started?

  1. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play – it’s free
  2. Set up your account by adding a few bits of info and a profile pic
  3. Link it up to Twitter account

You’re done!

How to record your first scope

A scope is just a video or broadcast.

To start you simply click the little video camera button (I think it’s meant to be a camera anyway).

how to use periscope

Title: You type the name of your scope where it says “What are you seeing now?’

If you don’t write anything  it will display as ‘Untitled’.

Obviously the better the headline the more people are likely to click on it and watch.

Periscope tip 1: Don’t double tap if you look like you’ve just been dragged from a hedge by a badger.

What are the four little icons at the bottom?

periscope for beginners

  • Arrow: Turns on your location so people can see where you are on the map.
  • Lock: Makes the scope private so only people who follow you can see it.
  • Chat: Enables everyone to chat, or only allows users who follow you to chat (it’s good to click this if you want to avoid the trolls).
  • Twitter: Sends a tweet to Twitter announcing that you’re broadcasting live.

Start broadcast: As soon as you click the red ‘Start Broadcast’ button you’re live, so be careful where you have the camera facing!

Periscope tip 2: Try to hold the camera a little above your head otherwise you’ll suffer from horrendous chinnage.


When you’re broadcasting you can:how to make a periscope

  • Double tap: to reverse the camera into selfie mode.
  • Swipe: to see the stop broadcast button.

What should I talk about?

The truth is you don’t really need to talk about anything. I got totally absorbed in a scope last night that was just of an Italian restaurant in Puglia. Occasionally the chef said hello. That was it.

I think it’s a good idea to have a topic for your periscope. So far my topics have been my dog and my copywriting cabin. At least that gives me something vague to cling to. But if no one is interacting, just keep talking or stop that scope and try again later.

Periscope tip 3: Embrace the silence.

How should I interact?

While you’re scoping people will enter your scope (or start watching) and comment. It’s a good idea to thank the people who are watching, ask them some questions and generally interact.

Comments scroll up the screen and disappear quickly so you have to answer them super fast. You need to be super on the ball and your best self! Coffee helps.

If you see little multi-coloured hearts floating up the side – that means your watchers are enjoying you.

Periscope tip 4: Drink a big mug of coffee before you start scoping.

The downside and upside of Periscopeperiscope guide

If you’re not a natural show off, and don’t like talking to camera I can’t think of a good reason why you’d start using Periscope. I think you need some oomph to make it worthwhile (I’m working on my oomph).

It can also be a bit creepy. If you head over the world map, you can watch other people’s scopes in different countries.

I clicked on a few at random and they felt a bit creepy. 14 year old girls in France pouting at the camera while trolls said rude things to them. No thanks.

It has to be said there is a LOT of rude, porny type stuff on Periscope. You have been warned.

But on the flip side, I also watched a sunrise in California, a busker in Bath and some crazy dude in Iceland dancing. Which was rather marvellous.

Periscope tip 5: Be careful who you watch – there are some creepy dudes out there!

What next with Periscope?

As for how Periscope can help my brand, well in the short time I’ve been doing it I’ve made a few new online chums, and I’ve had some sign ups on other platforms from these chums and some interaction.

But the main reason I love it – it’s fun. And I think social media is all about having fun. Even if you sell concrete pipes, there’s some scope for just enjoying yourself on social media.TOONSCOPE

I work in a small hut an hour from Sydney and spend most of my day with a sleeping dog. Social media is a great way for me to connect, and if it brings me more enquiries – well that’s awesome too.

If you want to find me on Periscope, look for Kate Toon Copywriter.

The daily ToonScope

I’m setting myself a challenge to do a daily TOONSCOPE at 9:30am Sydney time (well, weekdays).
I’ll be chatting about copywriting and things. If you want to come join me it’d be great to see you.


Over to you

Have you tried Periscope, or is it a social media platform too far? If you’re on Periscope please leave your Periscope ID in the comments below so I can find you.

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