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Transforming a business not just a website

Back at the start of March 2011, I received an email from Peter at Liberty Financial who was searching for a finance copywriter, with big brand experience.

“We’re about to completely overhaul our web sites and need help with design and SEO-optimised copy” he said. “Can we discuss to see if you can help us in any way?” Little did I know then that this would be the start of an extremely long and lovely relationship with this great client!

Although, initially, Liberty only wanted my help with copywriting, we ended up forming a firm business friendship, and pretty soon I felt like I was one of the team!

My involvement with Liberty Financial

Liberty wanted to transform their existing website and employ the best practices in terms of SEO, copywriting, functionality usability and more. Drawing on my previous experience of building many large corporate websites, I was able to help them with the following:

  • Consulting with the client to help define the objectives and audience sectors that the new site needed to satisfy.
  • Creating a hugely detailed functional specification document, including site architecture, site map and wireframes.
  • Web development, agency briefing and selection.
  • SEO copywriting advice for the entire site.
  • SEO advice and consultancy.
  • Social media advice.

Visit the Liberty Financial website

Old: Liberty Financial

Old: Liberty Financial

Finance copywriter

NEW: Liberty Financial






Client feedback

Under wraps for many months (and my lips sealed by an NDA), I’ve been unable to show off about this great project until now. Here is what my clients had to say:

“Kate was able to translate our business objectives within a detailed functional specification document. She also provided her expertise with best practice methodology for copywriting, SEO and wireframe design. Her work ethic, friendly nature and drive ensured we achieved a highly functional website. Highly recommended.”
Rick Zylinski  Head of Marketing

“It is my pleasure to recommend Kate Toon. At Liberty Financial, we worked with Kate on the relaunch of our website; her diligence and industrious attitude to her work is an example to her peers and is reflected in her work.
Kate produced quality content quickly and efficiently, with a superior understanding of SEO processes and style that will drive web traffic to our new website. Her proofreading and editing skills are strong, and the enthusiasm with which she approaches new challenges and tasks is admirable. Kate’s professionalism meant she set and kept all deadlines and where possible made herself available, in crucial times, at short notice.
During her time working with the Marketing team and myself, Kate earned high regard and respect from her colleagues. Her attention to detail and time management meant, once a task was allocated to Kate, there was no concern about monitoring or requesting feedback. She consistently set timelines and adhered to them, whilst keeping all lines of communication open throughout the process. The transparency of the project gave me complete confidence in her ability to deliver on all project tasks.
She understands websites, and her enthusiasm for great, readable copy, which also happens to be SEO friendly, is invaluable. I believe Kate is a great credit to our project. Well done, and I am sure we will be working lots more together in the future.”

Peter Rollason, Executive Director

Bye bye blues          

I recently met with the Liberty Team in Melbourne for a slap up feed and several glasses of wine (there ended up being a dead creature in Rick’s burger, but other than that, it was awesome). I felt genuinely sad that we wouldn’t be talking to each other nearly every other day. There is a Liberty Financial shaped hole in my life right now and hopefully, they’ll come back and fill it soon.

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