I’m sorry Mrs Lambert; it appears your child is creative

I’m sorry Mrs Lambert; it appears your child is creative
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This is a guest-post from the lovely Bek Lambert. She works with lots of creative types and start-ups helping them build their brands. She’s Unashamedly Creative and here’s why:

You have to feel sorry for my mum. She ended up with a queer theorist, a lawyer and a creative copywriter. Whilst everyone else was planning wonderful lives for their agreeable kids, we were off arguing the toss over the definition of gender, arguing in general or in my case, spending huge amounts of time in a red cupboard with far too many toys and pretending to be a London bus driver.

Let’s just say we didn’t get invited to an awful lot of ‘kid friendly’ dinner parties and it’s lucky Mum doesn’t like scotch.

The two older girls grew up well – one into a PhD toting educator, the other into a well-respected lawyer with children off the front cover of “Ideal Child Monthly”.

And then there’s me. I’m still being creative, drawing on the walls and wondering what I’ll be if I grow up. Yet somehow I’ve managed to make this creative thing work for me.

How? I’m a freelance marketer and creative copywriter.

What the heck does that mean?

A long time ago I learnt a very valuable secret: creativity is about giving yourself permission to fail. You can aim for the stars a hell of a lot easier when you don’t mind if you fall with a dull, bruising thud. And that attitude works for content and marketing more than ever before.

Let me break it down for you.

If you don’t stand up and be counted, you’re boned

The facts of the matter are:

  • The average person is so adept at Internet research that influencing their purchase decision means you need to have your entire buying cycle covered content wise before they even make a call;
  • Your customers will make the call, ask all the ‘right’ questions and then have no qualms about clicking the ‘BUY’ button on your competitors site before they even hang up;
  • Your marketing message is no longer a one-sided thing – customers want to play with it, respond to it, make fun of it, cosy up to it and hack it to pieces.

Thinking creatively about your marketing is the only damn thing that will save you in the long run.

Remember ‘Follow the Leader’?

All our lives we are conditioned to follow the leader and find the ‘right’ answer. We’re trained to learn ‘the way it’s done’ ‘just because’ that’s what ‘everyone expects’.

That approach helps stop the wheels from falling off society but it has no place in marketing and communications.


  • Product Differentiation: You can’t release the same product as everyone else. You have to make it different somehow. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  • Market Appeal: How will anyone spot you if all the marketing messages sound the same?
  • Word of Mouth: Who’s going to talk about you and your surprising approach if you don’t try something new?

You can be comfortable if you are not creative, but you’ll never be Richard Branson.  You’ll never have a fan club like Apple. You’ll just plod along hoping your competitors don’t get wise and change the game around you.

For some businesses, that’s simply not enough

Startups, smart businesses, creative bodies or any company who hangs their hat on customer loyalty understands this. They don’t have budget to spend on things ‘just because’.

They have to show up on the radar quickly, capture attention and then envelope their customers in such an awesome experience they interact positively with the product. It must convert into something more than ‘Oh, that’s nice,’ only to be forgotten as soon as something else interrupts the brain.

And I can give them that because I’m creative and not afraid of failure.

Actually, it’s fair to say…

Any copywriter worth their salt can give you that

It’s just most of the time our clients are too scared to ask and we’re too afraid of losing the work to offer. So it all becomes a bit difficult to be creative when there are bills and budgets on the line.

The smashing ideas get replaced with the ‘let’s just get it out there’ ideas and its back being beige in a sea of beige because at least you’re still floating.

Is that enough?

Do you want to have copy and marketing everyone expects and do OK (or worse) with it?


Do you want something that is creative, stands out and gets your customers mulling over your approach in the wee hours, admiring you for putting your bum on the line and hungering to see more?

Makes it pretty much a no brainer when you put it like that, right?

So think about it, what can you do to turn your business message into something more creative? What would put your head above the rest and surprise your customers?

Or thinking creatively…

What’s the one marketing idea you’ve always wanted to try but have been nervous to try due to the risk?

Unashamedly CreativeGuest post written by Rebekah Lambert
Rebekah Lambert bootstrapped her way through her career via customer service, product design and marketing, servicing some of the biggest companies in the world. In 2009, she struck out on her own as Unashamedly Creative, with a goal to put truth and creativity into marketing. Since then, Rebekah proved her approach time and time again, helping everyone from small country real estate agents through to some of the best performing startups in Australia, creating marketing and content that her customers love. You can catch her work at www.unashamedlycreative.com.au  Drop her an email or give her a call. She loves talking ideas!

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