I spent $154 on Fiverr and this is what I got

I spent $154 on Fiverr and this is what I got

Or, is Fiverr a big fat waste of your hard earned cash?

I know what you’re thinking.

Fiverr is rubbish, the quality just isn’t there, I wouldn’t dream of risking my dollars on some random unknown human.

But then there’s always that person who found a diamond in the rough.

The person who says:

“I had my entire website built for $7.”
“My awesome logo? Yes got it on Fivverr.”
“That fabulous video intro – some dude on Fiverr.”

So can you nab a bargain on Fiverr or is it just a big fat waste of time and money?

After being inspired by this post from Neville Medhora, I decided to give it a go.

I gave myself a strict budget of $100 AU and then went cray cray on Fiverr.

My favourite one is number 12, it made me snort and if you make it to the end of the post you’ll also gain access to my TOP FIVERR BUYER TIPS DOWNLOAD. Whoop!

Fiverr job 1: “Speed draw your logo

  • Cost: $36.25 (USD: $26.25) – the cost was a little higher as I opted to get it back in 2 days.
  • Summary:  I sent my logo as a PSD file and got the attached back the next day. I ended up using it as a little video intro for The Clever Copywriting School. It’s a bit long though, so I might go back and ask for a speeded up version. And although I liked the fact they included a backing track, I’ll likely remove this in iMovie and add my own.
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Good for: Small business, who need a quick cheap intro for their videos
  • Result:

Fiverr job 2: “I will do SEO Keyword research

  • Cost: $7.52 (USD: $5.50)
  • Summary: I asked for keyword research for my husband’s French School voulezvouloz.com, telling the dude that he specialises in French lessons for adults and kids and focuses on the Sydney and Melbourne area. I got a list of 52 keywords back, all fairly obvious and it wasn’t clear if they were for Google AU. I also got a separate Meta Document, which I think would have mislead or confused an SEO newbie and advised using meta keywords tag, which is a tad old school.
  • Rating: 2 stars
  • Good for: SEO newbies, small business, copywriters looking for someone to quickly pull up some keyword recommendations
  • Result:

Fiverr job 3: “Draw a pet portrait in my style

  • Cost: $21.87 (USD: $16.00) – I opted for the full colour version.
  • Summary: I sent two photos of my C.F.O. (Chief Furry Officer). The illustrator asked if I wanted to upgrade to full colour and I did. I got the drawing back 2 days later, and was asked if I needed revisions. I thought it was perfect, so no revisions. Then I was sent a high resolution version, which is divine!
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Good for: Pet lovers
  • Result:

Fiverr job 4: Say a message in a unicorn head

  • Cost: $7.52 (USD: $5.50)
  • Summary: I sent the following message “Kate Toon’s SEO eCourse is the best SEO course in the WORLD. Learn SEO quickly, easily and affordably. I LOVE SEO.” And got the video back a day later. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll use it. But I’m sure I’ll find a way.
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Good for: Weirdos like me
  • Result:

Fiverr job 5: “I will do a complete Link Audit of your site

  • Cost: $7.52 (USD: $5.50)
  • Summary: Again I used http://www.voulezvouloz.com, as the guinea pig. The report that came back was pretty awesome, including backlinks, anchor text profile, linking domains, and more, all nicely laid out in an Excel.
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Good for: SEO newbies, small business, copywriters who don’t want to invest in a backlink auditing tool or want to get their link profile produced quickly.
  • Result:


Fiverr job 6: Send a telepathic message using mind control

  • Cost: $7.52 (USD: $5.50)
  • Summary: My instructions:

“I want you to send a telepathic message to my husband pictured telling him to be a better husband.”
But then FiverrBeast wanted me to upgrade:

“Yes but for this you need to buy my gig extra. Coz this is a strong energy signal that would be sent on his mind controlling his soul for you.” I refused.

FiverrBeast tried again: “I CAN ONLY SEND A HEALING ENERGY FOR YOUR HUSBAND IN THIS $5 JUST FOR A DAY. But if you buy for 10X, effect come soon. Tell me what you want.”

I said I just wanted the healing I’d paid for.

One last try: “Ok Ii will thanks. And if u gv me 5 stars i would gv u a bonus healing for you also.”

  • Rating: 0 stars
  • Good for: Erm


I asked my husband if he felt any better and he said he didn’t and eyed me suspiciously. Hope the FiverrBeast doesn’t send him bad vibes because I only gave one star!?


Fiverr job 7: “Test website with screencast

  • Cost: $7.52 (USD: $5.50)
  • Summary: The Fiverrbeast asked some fairly in depth questions about my Clever Copywriting School website, some of which didn’t feel entirely relevant. But I thought the review was great. Awesome to have an unbiased person just browse through your site and point out errors. I’ve yet to watch it all the way through, but even in the first few minutes he pointed out some stunningly obvious errors that I’d missed entirely
  • Rating: 5 stars – BEST VALUE
  • Good for: Any website owner
  • Result: Here’s a little snippet.


Fiverr job 8: “Design 2 great logo in 24 hour with free vector

  • Cost: $14.25 (USD $10.50)
  • Summary:  I provided information about my brand, my favourite colours, my preferred fonts (I just said sans serif) and I was asked to provide some examples, but I was too lazy. I was sent back two examples which are both fine, although the whole (C) thing could actually confuse your average joe. (The type that confuses copyright with copywriter). I won’t be using them, but it was an interesting exercise.
  • Rating: 3 stars
  • Good for: Start ups
  • Result:



Fiverr job 9: “I will write you 300 words of unique SEO web content

  • Cost: $7.52 (USD: $5.50)
  • Summary: I asked for content on the subject of Best French restaurants in Sydney, Australia, again for my husband’s business VoulezVouloz.com.
    The focus was for keyword phrases: ‘Best french restaurant Sydney’, ‘Best french restaurants in Sydney’ and ideally, I wanted a top 10 or similar. What I got back was absolutely fine. Would I use it on the website? No. Is it a good starter piece for a full blog? Yes. I’ll add a link to the full blog post that I write based on this soon.
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Good for: Copywriters who don’t want to start with a blank page, business owners who are willing to do a little work to take the blog to a publishable level.
  • Result:  Download the file here


Fiverr job 10: “Do a side flip while holding your sign

  • Cost: $7.52 (USD: $5.50)
  • Summary: I asked for my flipper to be holding a sign saying I LOVE SEO. I loved the result, but felt that it needed a voice over or something, so I have gone back to ask for some adjustments. I’ll post the revised version here soon.
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Good for: Business owners looking for a quirky way to promote their content.
  • Result:  

Update > I got a fresh version of the flip made

Fiverr job 11: “Come up with 5 ideas for a media press release

  • Cost: $10.50 – I ordered the extra fast version so I could get it for the post.
  • Summary: Linda is an online chum of mine so I was interested to see her offering services on Fiverr. She uses it as a ‘lead gen’ into bigger projects and jobs. I asked for five press release ideas around the next launch of my SEO ecourse.
    I think the ideas are great and I’ll definitely be getting onto writing a few press releases based on them.
    Although I’ll likely need Linda’s help to get them into the sticky paws of the journos.
  • Rating: 5 stars
  • Good for: Copywriters who don’t want to start with a blank page, business owners looking for a spark of creativity
  • Result:  

1. Kate Toon takes the scary jargon of SEO and makes it understandable – the idea is to profile you and the course.
2. SEO need not be out of reach for your business – make this one informative and have a few tips in it on how business owners can do their own SEO and place yourself as the expert.
3. Business owners are raving about the Recipe for SEO Success – take the testimonials you have and show what you do is amazing.
4. Is Your SEO Company walking the talk? – Love the line on the home page so use it to get some journo interest around what businesses should look for when checking out an SEO company.
5. SEO headaches end with Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success – this a promo based release on why the course will ease the confusion of SEO for small business.

Fiverr job 12: “Make a De Niro Video”

You tired of expensive SEO agencies?

You struggling to work out all da jargon and confusin’ information?

Well then how the hell else you gonna learn SEO?

Kate Toon is the only one here teaching DIY SEO

So checkout her ecourse

At www.therecipeforseosuccess.com.au

Oh yeah?


I love the end results, it’s fabulously silly.

  • Rating: 6 – this is my FAVE!
  • Good for: Business owners wanting a funny angle to promote their products.
  • Result:


The final word

I enjoyed my time on Fiverr hugely and will be heading back in there soon. For five dollars it’s often worth it just for the giggle. Why send an ecard when you can seen a talking unicorn head greeting?

In summary you have to kiss a few Fiverr frogs to find your princess/ prince charming. But it’s seriously worth the effort.

Now scroll down to the social content locker thing to get my top tips on making the most of Fiverr!

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Over to you

Which of the above buys do think was the best value for money?
Have you had a good experience using Fiverr as a buyer or seller? Please share your experiences below.

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Update: the job that didn’t make the cut

This little one came in after the post went live, because it was raining and my FiverrBeast was worried the words would wash off his belly.

Watching it makes me feel both happy and strange.

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  • Denise Beecroft

    Absolutely love this post. I guess it’s too easy to bag the Fiverr workforce. After all, it’s just people trying to make a buck. Great to see how even a struggling marketer/copywriter (me, not you) may be about to use Fiverr for some quirky little jobs.

    • Yep I especially like the blank page filler jobs! I hate that damn white page.

  • This is soooooo good! Going to use my next “day off” to have a play on fiver! How fun. I can not believe I can pay someone to do a flip jump holding a sign. How have I lived this long without it?! Flipping Brilliant. (if you’ll pardon the bad pun)

    • I know it’s awesome. Apparently he hurt himself the next day though. Poor flipping thing!

  • How much would you have to pay your husband to ‘say a SEO message in French’ – you’ll have all your clients swooning! Or he could be on Fiverr too as a side gig! Great post – such a giggle!

    • OH that’s an idea. I’ll make him wear a beret too!

  • I love this! Especially the De Niro one – I even snorted out loud when he read your website address. Money well spent, I say.

    • I know, best accent ever. I just love it.

  • This is hilarious … especially Robert De Niro! ahhahahaha

  • Oh god I love the Re-sipe by De Niro!

    • I know right? So awesome.

    • Brian Collinson

      And the See-Oh! Priceless!

  • Sherene Strahan

    very cool results – and very cool (and ethical) that you credit the article that inspired your experiment.

    • Yes. Obviously I wish it had been my idea and I’m sure there are other posts of this ilk. But always good to give credit where it is deserved!

      • Sherene Strahan

        Well you know what they say about there’s nothing new under the sun – it’s what we do to bring ourselves to the idea that counts. And you’ve rocked this one. Big time. Well done

  • hahaha I have used Fiverr a few times, but never to experiment like this. I certainly got a laugh from some of your not so good experiences. I have definitely kissed a few frogs that’s for sure…lol!
    De Niro was the best 10/10!

    • De Niro is a frog worth kissing. I’d have paid $154 just for that one.

  • Jennifer De Lacy

    These are sooooo good. I am definitely going to try fiverr now. Was a bit hesitant before. What on earth will you use the unicorn head for? That’s the weirdest of them all. An De Niro is totally brilliant

  • Natasha David

    love the De Niro message! Hahah “See-yo”!

  • This is hilarious. I have used Fivver a few times and I couldn’t agree more, very hit and miss but fun to use! Thanks for the giggles!

    • Thanks BB, yes not always great for business, but good for giggles.

  • side flip is awesome! could watch it repeatedly!

    • I know, his happy little face at the end. So cute!

  • Just bought #11 🙂

  • GREAT post. I have always wondered about Fiverr. Thanks for doing the research!

  • Naww, somewhat-Asian Robert De Niro … god love him! I’ve used Fiverr many times. I got someone to create ‘Simpsons’ portraits of my sons then I had them printed on canvases and gave them to them for Christmas. Big hit! There are so many creative and unique ideas on there, you can get lost for hours.

    • He’s actually Italian 🙂 Yep it’s lots of fun!

  • Lisa Cropman

    Hi-larious! I’ve used Fiverr a few times and agree, you may buy a few dud gigs before you get a gem. But it’s so worth it when you do. Thanks for the article. De Niro is an absolute winner!

  • Deborah Parsonage

    OMG – the last one was so funny!! I’ve used Fiverr before and was extremely happy with the results! Great to see some of the other things they have on offer 🙂

  • Helena Kaufman

    Great fun to read your journey into the murky madness of Fiverr 🙂 thanks

    • Murky madness is the word. It’s totally addictive murky madness though

  • Tracy Raiteri

    Loved these, and basically love Fiverr, you’re right, there’s so real gems there.

  • Hysterical (the last one!) I think you got your money’s worth (of entertainment). thanks for sharing!

    • Yep I think so, Thanks for sharing @disqus_gReyfq2V6V:disqus 🙂

  • Kate, you’re awesome.

  • I love this SOOO much – can’t wait to give a few a go. And some funny ones too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Yep some good serious ones too. The links and the site review are spot on.

  • Anita Lund

    I just nearly peed my pants watching that last one. Heck, my head feels better now. Thanks for sharing a great bonus hangover cure Kate!

    • haha, that last one still makes me giggle. I’ve had to restrict myself to watching it only once per day.

  • I just got back the fiverr I purchased from #11 and it is freakin excellent. Thanks Linda and Kate xoxoxox

  • Oh dear

    • Thanks for your insightful comment James.

  • Michael Ingram

    Signed up just so I could comment as I loved the last job that didn’t make the cut. Thanks for sharing as I now know what I am going to do for birthdays 🙂

    • hah – yes that last job is… special. Thanks for reading and commenting Michael.

  • Thanks so much Ashley!

  • webcoursesbangkok

    Really enjoyed this article that one of our web design students sent to me. We wrote a similar article about is Fiverr Lying to you so we add a little link to your article also 🙂 http://www.webcoursesbangkok.com/blog/is-fiverr-lying-to-you/

  • Michael Viller

    I’ve used fiverr a few times now and have had good luck, however this time round it took me three different people to get a cool looking character of my self, my tip is to always ask for a quote before placing an order. Cheers Mick

  • Ha, love this. The possibilities are endless. Plus everyone I know is getting a talking Unicorn birthday greeting.

    • That guy must be a millionaire by now 🙂

  • haha! De Niro was my favourite but my little one had a little boogie to with the guy in the grass skirt! Great read Kate.

  • Tara-Tamiko

    I finally took the plunge and tried Fiverr. And I’m having a great experience. Love all your tips and would add that it’s great how you can use the chat feature to speak with them before placing an order. Super dooper cool. And the last video was hilarious! ?

  • Kate thanks so much for yet another highly entertaining and valuable post… I now have to rush and wipe the tears of laughter off my face…

    • Ah thanks so much for reading Shannon 🙂

  • Oh too funny. Well done Kate! I have used fiverr a lot (infographics etc) but have not been so courageous as you. I am so buying de niro. Maybe … maybe the palm leaf guy too….

    • De Niro is tempting isn’t he. I have to order again!

  • I’ve had a similar experience on Fiverr – a few real gems, but had to kiss a few frogs to find them. Also, the dude in the grass (leaf??) skirt is HILARIOUS!

  • shedzy

    How much did that last one cost?? Because if that cost a fiver, then i’m going to use it as my primary medium for sending birthday cards from now on – similar price, waaaaaay funnier……….

  • Georgie Robertson

    Hi Kate, such a fantastic post. I am just wondering re: the 300 words of unique SEO content – how do you know that you aren’t just getting 300 words (or so) that has been copied from someone else’s site or blog post??
    Cheerio G.

    • katetoon

      Yes you don’t really, you can use something like copyscape to check, or drop a chunk of the copy into Google search. But that’s a big risk with Fiverr copywriters, they recycle! It’s the only way they can be so cheap.