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I once worked as a sex chat line operator. (Don’t judge—I was a student living on baked beans.)

My job was to seduce the paying listeners with my words. To lure them in, and keep them talking.

I was fired after an hour.

But since then I’ve learned a thing or two about talking (and writing) sexy.

I believe there’s an art to creating words that sell, persuade or seduce your customers. But some writers have trouble warming up the reader, getting the creative juices flowing, and more often than not, they reach the climax too soon.

So here are my tips on how to bring sexy back to your copywriting.

Sexy Copy Tip 1: Consider your product

Some products are innately sexy (think underwear and nipple tassels). But is sexy copy appropriate for your brand or product?

I think you can add a touch of sexiness to just about anything: food, coffee, bed sheets, booze, pamper products, shoes, clothes, cars, even technology. (Apple products are insanely sexy, right?)

In fact, it’s often quite fun to use unexpected and sensual words to describe everyday objects. How about the gentle curve of the bath tap, or the soft undulating feel of that doona?

copy that appeals to the sensesSexy Copy Tip 2:  Appeal to the senses

Often in copywriting we appeal to the mind, using abstract intellectual terms such as innovative, smart, modern and intelligent to describe a product.

But when you’re writing sexy copy, it’s more important to appeal to the senses. Describe the touch, smell and even taste of the product if applicable. (I’ve never licked my laptop, but I bet it would taste gooood.)
Sound can also be useful. Does your washing machine make a grating ‘clank clank’ noises? Or does it murmur softly like a French man whispering in your ear?

Sexy Copy Tip 3:  Don’t overdo it

I have a three adjective rule, which means I never use more than three in a row. For example, my copywriting is clever, creative and affordable. Don’t think you’re making your product sound sexier by shoving in more and more descriptive words. In fact, it’s probably having the opposite effect.

Think American infomercial. We’re told the ‘Abtomatone’ (or whatever) is ‘awesome’ so many times it starts to sound fake.

Mills and BoonSexy Copy Tip 4:  Avoid the Mills & Boon effect

It’s unlikely you’ll be talking about ‘throbbing members’ in your copy. But even so, choosing the right sexy words can be tough.

I recently wrote some copy for an amazing new pleasure device – think the iPhone of vibrators (but a different shape, obviously).

You might think writing sexy copy about something so closely related to sex would be simple, but it wasn’t. I was terrified of straying into sleaze, cliché and tackiness.

Given the product is aimed at professional women and has a somewhat meaty price tag, it was important to set the right tone and steer clear of the usual seedy vibrator descriptions. (I even had to limit how many times I used the word ‘vibrator’).

So I started by creating some firm rules about words we could and couldn’t use in my copy.

Phrases we loved

Cool sexy words


Phrases we hated

Uncool sexy words

Copy that tries too hard to be sexy just causes a snigger rather than an emotional or sensual response. So if in doubt, don’t.

Sexy Copy Tip 5:  Use stories

Using customer stories can be a powerful way to sell your product. Customers can ‘say’ things about your brand that you possibly cannot.

As Kissmetrics points out in its article on How to write seductive sales copy like Apple:

“Stories are a powerful copywriting tool. Stories fascinate. And stories are memorable.”

With the above copywriting project, it was clear the brand couldn’t promise their pleasure device would deliver a gigantic orgasm. But we had customers who were willing to tell us about their sexy experiences with the product, so we used their testimonials instead.

And it’s the same with your restaurant, beauty parlour, or whatever. If a customer writes that it was the most delicious meal they’ve ever tasted, we believe them. But if you wrote that, it might sound like overkill.

Sexy Copy Tip 6:  Get creative

If you’re trying to write sexy copy about a genuinely unsexy product, then get creative. Develop unusual product names, use quirky microcopy, and be playful with your sub-headings.

The Daily Egg tells us:

“As marketers, bloggers and copywriters, we’re always looking for ways to differentiate our products, brands and copy.

But sometimes the answer isn’t a big marketing breakthrough. It’s as simple as tweaking your style.”

Using humour can also be a helpful way to work the sexy angle. Try a touch of irony with your sexiness so you don’t sound too sleazy or arrogant.

So there you go, my top tips on writing sexy copy. And as a thank you for reading the entire post, I’m rewarding you with this amazing video. What this man doesn’t know about sexiness isn’t worth knowing. (Katerine performing Sexy Cool.)

I’d also like you to congratulate me for writing an entire article without using the phrase ‘sex sells’ .

Sensual copy in action

So are you interested to see how my copy for that super sonic vibrator turned out?

Check out the Afterglow website – sadly the client fiddled with some of my copy (that clunky science page isn’t mine) but the general gist, tag lines etc are all my work. What do you think?

afterglow vibrator

Over to you

Do you feel confident writing sexy copy about you brand? Have you seen any sexy advertising copy that got your nether regions tingling?

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