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Let’s be honest, thinking of awesome blog ideas can be a struggle and then there’s the even harder job of ensuring they get read and that people like and share them. As a professional blog copywriter, even I struggle sometimes!

Here are some blog copywriting tips and tactics on how to improve your blog content, get more eyeballs looking your way and, ultimately, boost your business website.

1: Write for your audience

Your blog should be written for your customers and answer their questions and needs. If you want to attract and engage potential customers, then focus on them, rather than ramming information about your business down their throats.

2: Use surveys to find out what your customers want to read

Not sure what your customers want? Well, why not try using a free tool, like Survey Monkey to create a little questionnaire. From this, you can create a list of potential customer problems that your blog can answer. Now you’re ready to think about which keyword phrase you want to focus on.

3: Check out Q & A sites

Sites like Yahoo Answers, Quora and LinkedIn Answers are all great places to research popular questions on every subject. Why not turn those questions into blog posts? You’ll add your own expertise and tone, and put yourself forward as an authority on the subject.

4: Choose appropriate keywords

So, let’s say you’re a building company and you find that your customers are repeatedly talking about council approvals, budgeting for renovations or how to project manage a build. Choose one of these phrases, plug it into Google’s Adword Keyword Tool and click ‘exact match’. You’ll then find out how many people have searched for that term in the last 30 days (you should choose a phrase with a high search volume) plus how competitive the term is (and therefore how difficult it’s going to be to achieve a decent ranking).

5: Forget customer service

Well no, not really, but if you find you’re getting asked the same questions again and again by customers, why not answer them on your blog? You can also name drop your client with a back link, which will make them feel extra special and earn them some SEO juice. This post is a perfect example of this tactic, and one I’ll be sending out to several of my existing and past clients.

6: Keep track of your subject matter

You can also try popping your chosen keywords into Google Alerts, then you can receive the latest related news, blogs and tweets via email – a constant source of possible material for new blog posts.

7: Be insightful

Once you’ve chosen some promising keywords, visit Google Insights for Search, scroll to the bottom and look at Top Searches (what people are searching for now) and Rising Searches (what the next big search terms might be). If you can write an engaging blog on a new subject before your competitors, your customers will thank you for it.

8: Follow up

If you do score some comments on your blog, the customers will often raise new questions or ideas. Instead of just replying to them on the blog, why not use them as material for new posts? You can link to your new blog in the reply box.

All the tips above are about answering a genuine customer need by creating content that’s engaging, interesting and relevant. By using the tactics above, you can build a blog that contributes to your overall business growth.

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