VIDEO: How to set up website adverts

VIDEO: How to set up website adverts

Passionfruit adsSo, I thought I’d try adding some adverts to my website for the following reasons:

a)    in the hope that I’d sell millions and could give up my day job.

b)    so I could help my clients set up ads easily on their websites – (I like to try before I buy, or recommend).

I’ve had the advertising spots there since I did my redesign, but haven’t done anything with them other than drop in a few affiliate ads.

While nosing around other people’s websites, I discovered Passionfruit.

Put simply, Passionfruit is a web app that handles third-party advertising for you. It’s free to join, but they take a little cut from each ad you sell.

(I should add up front that Passionfruit ain’t paying me for this post, more’s the pity. I just like to share good stuff when I find it.)

Easy-peasy ad management

I found the site super easy to use. I was able to sign up and set up ads in less than half an hour. Placing the code into my WordPress site was a little tricky, but only because my theme is coded up to the eyeballs to keep things neat and tidy. For most people it’s a simple cut and paste of a HTML code snippet.

I created four ad spots in my footer that are 125 pixels by 125 pixels, and a few in my blog sidebar. You can check out my ad sizes in my shop on the Passionfruit marketplace.

How to set up your Passionfruit ads

Rather than write out instructions, I thought I’d have a pop at making a screen capture video  for you lovely people. It’s my first. Be gentle.

The standard ad sizes website I mention in the video above is IAB Display Advertising Guidelines.

Oh and a quick point – when you’re defining your ad spots, you put the width and height of your AD not that of your site – doh! So for my small ads at the bottom it’s 125 x 125 pixels. Sorry if I confused the heck out of you there.learn-copywriting-courses

My guinea pig

Bridie’s Typing Services agreed to be my guinea pig. Bridie was able to upload her little footer ad quickly and paid via Paypal.  She accidentally uploaded the wrong creative size for the spot – but I was able to fix that with a few clicks. Thanks for your help Bridie!

My first sale

Within minutes of adding the Passionfruit ad spots, I made my first sale. Which was awesome. A nice juicy $30 in the bank for doing nothing. Until of course I visited the website of my advertiser and spent $130 on an orange pouf. Not a great business plan.

So, if you’re looking to set up ads on your site quickly and easily, I’d give this site a pop.

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