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2015 Update: Ultimate I wasn’t overly impressed with live chat – not the Olark software, which was great. But rather the quality of the leads it generated. A lot were tyre kickers who asked daft questions like ‘How much for copy?”
I ended up removing the software as it slowed down my site a fair bit. I think Live Chats are more suited to ecommerce websites.
So a while back I installed the Olark plugin – which meant you could LIVE CHAT with me whenever you felt the urge. I soon tired of it (and it seemed to slow up my website) so I’ve since removed it.

But for a while I really liked it.

I liked it so much that I made a swift, ‘no rehearsal’ video tutorial to tell you how to install it.

It’s free (at first) and super easy to get to grips with. I have yet to see whether it’s just a total time eater or whether it will help me turn any of your love creatures into genuine customers.

I’d love to hear what you think of my video effort!


* People. This not a paid for promotion type deal. I just liked it and shared it. Show me some love by subscribing to my YouTube Channel.

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