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Hi, I’m Kate. I’m a copywriter and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultant.

Oh, and I’m also a woman.

My womanness is not something I shout from the roof tops. Okay, so in my old brand image I’m wearing a dab of lipstick and biting a pen. And in my new carTOON version I have earrings and boobs.

But that’s the beginning and end of my efforts to be womanly. After that I’m just me – a writer and a human being who happens to have a womb.

You see, I decided not to add the word ‘chick’, ‘gal’, ‘bitch’, ‘goddess’ or ‘lady’ to my occupation to form my business name.

I don’t often refer to myself in the third person, but when I do I rarely describe myself as ‘sassy’.

And if you call me a mumpreneur I’ll poke you in the eye with a freshly made organic muffin.

Yes, I’m a mum, but I don’t harp on about it. Unlike so many blogs where women tell us tedious tales of mashing sweet potatoes for ‘Mr Four’ and struggling to manage their workload.

Now, in no way am I saying that being a working mum isn’t incredibly difficult. Nor am I disagreeing with the fact that, in most families, the burden of caring for children often rests with the woman.

But why whine about it?muffin

Why tell us at all?

I don’t care that your washing basket is full.

I don’t care that you’ve got to do the school run.

All I care about is that you’re fully focused on my business and the work I’m paying you for.

You see, I believe that the fact that I have a vagina (and that I squeezed a small human being out of it) has absolutely bugger all to do with what I do for a living.

And I just don’t get why so many of my female business peers play the female card ad nauseum.

In the advertising world, the male-to-female split is pretty even.

But in the geek-eat-geek world of SEO, it’s mostly men.

And while my femaleness is a point of difference in the murky depths of the forums and tech communities, it’s not something I play on.

I’ve written wonderful copy for traditionally male brands (think cars, beer and gadgets), and empathetic prose for so-called female brands (the baby and fashion stuff).

I think I’m equally awesome at both.

You see, if you’re a good writer you don’t need to have breasts to understand what having breasts must be like. If you’re writing copy for a great new bra, you follow the same process whether you’re a man or a woman.

You break down how your audience feels and thinks, consider their reservations and concerns, and then address them – one human to another.

And don’t get me started on the communities and networking groups for woman. (Why do we need women-only business networks anyway?)

By coming up with names for our businesses that include words like ‘heels’, ‘mums’ and ‘lipstick’, aren’t we just deliberately ostracising ourselves?

I don’t give a crap about heels and lippy.

What I do care about are clever, engaging people who are willing to share their ideas and advice.

This relentless focus on clothes and appearance not only alienates some women, but also objectifies others. As we’ve all heard before, isn’t it what’s inside (the brain) that counts?

I know that in many areas women are under-represented and underpaid compared to men. And that maybe we need to stand strong as women to be evenly matched with the blokes.

But, if you ask me, dumbing ourselves down with mummy talk and cutie pie business names isn’t the way to win the battle.

Over to you

Do you think of yourself as a mumpreneur? Or does all this female entrepreneur stuff bring you out in a rash? Please comment below. Oh and if you like the post, please share it.

This article first appeared in Roar Magazine.

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