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Clare Greig is the Founder of Breathe Online. In this Guest Blog she talks about how to face your fear of freelancing.

Update: Clare Greig passed away in 2016.
Clare was diagnosed with breast cancer 20 months ago and after extensive treatment was optimistic about her future up until she found the disease was found in her bones.  Claire was a lovely, smart inspiring woman and I feel very lucky to have known her.

“When something like this happens all the small bullshit, petty stuff that fills our lives and relationships falls away and all that is left is love.”

“Freelancing scares me because when I did it ten years ago I felt very isolated and lonely. I actually felt a bit like I was in isolation.”

This is what a friend said to me when I suggested going freelance.

My response was “Things have changed. So. Much. The internet has revolutionised the way people work, it actually gives you more choice, more social access and because it is “your” work you will be more motivated to collaborate with others.”

I genuinely believe that working from home can be as social, if not more than being in an office cubicle.

Home freelancing versus working in the office

Here are a few scenarios so that you get my point:

In an office: You’re stuck with the same people – you didn’t choose to be with – many of who annoy the crap out of you. You have to put up with their smelly lunch, silent farts and bad fashion.

At home: You organise regular face to face or Skype catch ups with clients, virtual assistants, graphic designers and web developers, of your choice. You are all glamorous up top, whilst wearing comfy slippers and trackies down below.

In an office: You rock up to meetings that other people have organised. You need strong coffee to get through to agenda point 28.

At home: You have a regular goal buddy that you catch up with over lunch or Skype. You brainstorm ideas, swap resources, tell each other what your goals are so you are accountable. When you check back in you report how you went since the last catch up.

In an office: You go to long, soulless, uninspiring events where a sequence of speakers get up and flog their services.

At home: You pick amazing, inspiring, innovative events, courses and training programs that get your fires started. You meet like-minded freelancers who are equally passionate about their gigs and love meeting new people. You watch Ted Talks.

In an office: You pop into the kitchen and chat to the guy from accounts about the weather at lunch.

At home: You are connected to online communities via social networks and membership websites which gives you access to like-minded, fired up passionistas all over the globe. The banter goes on all day, ideas are thrown around, new technology is shared and ideas are fleshed out 24/7!

In an office: Need a change of scenery? Get back to your office cubicle!

At home: Need a change of scenery? Pop to your local digital hub, library or cafe and enjoy having lunch served up while you tip tap on your laptop.

So if you are feeling the fear and staying in the cubicle take note – lonely freelancing is definitely SO last decade. Notice that word “free”?

Working for yourself gives you choice about everything you do, including the clients you choose, lunch dates you commit to and the service providers you use.

Clare Greig is the Founder of Breathe Online

“I help mums start an online business and work at home. My weekly “Small Steps” newsletter will help you along the path of inspiration, ideas and taking action, whilst being gentle and flexible when the time is right for you. I offer one to one consulting and I am putting together some online courses which will teach you everything you need to know about starting an online business.”

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