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A quick Google search shows that there are thousands of copywriters in Australia.

With so much choice, finding the right copywriter for your project can feel a tad overwhelming.

The hard truth is, you often don’t know if you’ve found a great writer until they deliver.

But never fear, here are some signs that will help you tell if you’re about to hire the right copywriter:

1. They listen

Some writers are so keen to tell you about their awesome skills or past clients that they forget to actually listen.

You should feel comfortable talking to your writer and feel able to discuss your project freely.

2. They ask a lot of annoying questions

A good copywriter is curious and will ask you lots of questions, either on the phone or via a written brief.

Expect to be grilled and challenged about your business, your goals, and lots of other things you’ve probably never thought about.

“If a copywriter doesn’t care for their own site, how much will they care for yours?”

3. They have experience

Try to choose a writer with a proven track record and several years of writing experience.

A healthy portfolio of clients and a mountain of testimonials are usually a good sign.

While you could strike gold and find a brilliant newbie, a ‘been there, done that’ writer might be safer.

4. They have a strong website

A writer’s website says pretty much everything about how they approach business.

Is it professional?

Do you like the tone?

Do you find it engaging?

If a copywriter doesn’t care for their own site, how much will they care for yours?

5. They’re likeable

You’re about to enter a business relationship with your writer, where you’ll be sharing ideas, likes, dislikes and giving them intimate knowledge of your business.

It’s important that you get a good ‘vibe’.

Ask yourself if you could happily go for a coffee with your writer.

6. They’re positive

It’s easy to pick holes in others’ writing but a good copywriter should be able to spot some positives in your previous efforts. Generally it’s better to build on what you’ve created already than start from scratch.

Generally it’s better to build on what you’ve created already than start from scratch.

7. They’re affordable but not cheap

Going for the lowest price isn’t necessarily the way to guarantee the best representation of your business to potential customers.

Good copy is an essential tool in the customer conversion process and ultimately should offer your business an excellent return on investment.

8. They keep you waiting

Although this sounds like a negative, in reality would you rather work with a writer who’s a little booked up (popular) or a writer who has no work at all?

Good copy is worth waiting for.

Choosing a copywriter is always a gamble but you can stack the odds in your favour by using the signs above, by getting a personal recommendation from a business colleague or checking out the Clever Copywriting School Directory.

What signs have you used to tell if a copywriter is the right choice for your business?

Please share them below.

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