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As most of you know I’m a HUGE FURRY FAN of  PowToon.

Not only do the videos help explain products, they’re fun (if a little time consuming) to make.

Here’s one I made last week about how designers should think about SEO – because most clients won’t even know to ask for an SEO friendly website.

The Powtoon was based on a blog by Carla Dawson – an SEO type from Argentina who I met on the interwebs. We’re collaborating on some blog posts and she thought a PowToon would boost engagement.

But then I got a little excited and decided to get it translated into Spanish, French, German and Italian!!

P.S. Since posting this post I’ve also had the video translated into DUTCH!!

P.P.S. If you’d like a version in your language give me a yell!

Check out all the versions below:


SPANISH: Diseñadores Web — Escuchen! No se puede ignorar el SEO

This version was translated into Spansish by Carla Dawson.

GERMAN: DESIGNERS AUFGEPASST: Sie kȍnnen SEO nicht ignorieren

This version was translated into German by the very clever Emily Read.


This was translated into Italian by from the lovely Daniele Imperi.

FRENCH: Designers, écoutez ! Vous ne pouvez plus ignorer le référencement (SEO)

This version was translated into French by the lovely guys at VoulezVouloz.

DUTCH: Designers opgelet, SEO kan je niet negeren!

This version was translated into Dutch by Anthony van de Veen at Moby Digital, thanks so much!

Oh and if you want to make your own PowToon – just head over to the site to sign up – it’s free

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