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The digital world doesn’t stand still, so, if your website is more than three years old, you should probably be thinking about a revamp. Depressing huh?

I built the VoulezVouloz website for my lovely husband back in 2008. It was my first ever WordPress site and I was pretty chuffed with it, but, since then, both his business and the internet have moved on. Not only that, but lots of copycat competitors are now snapping at his toes. Three years ago, VoulezVouloz was cutting edge. Now everyone else has caught up.

VoulezVouloz needed to up its game, so here’s what I did:

1)    Rethink

I sat down with a cup of tea and a bun and thought about what the site needed to give a bit of va-va-voom. Ideas included, gift cards, FAQs, detailed tutor profiles, resources and much more. We needed better content, more detail, more engagement and more warmth.

2)     Restructure

I reorganised all the content, creating a new sitemap. This meant adding new pages, and redirecting old pages we no longer needed. (The all-important 301 redirect).

3)    Redesign

I then found a contemporary WordPress theme that looked hot and adapted it for the business needs and branding. I also purchased some great professional photos and employed Second Storey to take some team shots.

4)    Rewrite

Pulling out all the copy and putting it into a copy deck was laborious, but it needed doing. I then researched and decided on new keywords (a lot of them location-based due to the company’s expansion into Melbourne, Brisbane and the Central Coast). The copy was completely rewritten and given a slightly more fun, cheeky tone, to differentiate it from some slightly stuffy competitors.

5)    Relationships

As the newly appointed Marketing Manager of VoulezVouloz (well he has to give me a title, right? – it’s not as if he’s paying me), I’ve started to forge relationships with other businesses in Sydney through my network of lovely clients and by contacting French businesses directly. These partnerships give added benefits to VoulezVouloz customers, drive back links and generally create a bit of a feel-good factor on the site.

6)    Social media (couldn’t think of anymore ‘re’ words, sorry)

As well as adding in some nice little language widgets, I’ve integrated the site with YouTube and Amazon, revamped the Twitter account, moved the site to Facebook Timeline and created a Google profile and set up Flickr. I might even do Pininterest if I can be bothered.

7)    Email marketing

I set up VoulezVouloz on Mail Chimp to enable them to communicate both internally (all those tutors need to be keep up to date on business changes) and with customers.

8)    Blogs and content

I still believe content is king in the internet ‘Game of Thrones’. If you’re a small business owner, it’s quite useful to be married to an SEO copywriter. My husband empties the bins and I write him carefully keyword saturated blog articles that not only engage users, but drive plenty of natural search traffic to the website. Good deal, yes?

VoulezVouloz French Lessons in Sydney


So far, the results are pretty amazing. Enquiries have tripled since the new site was launched. We’v

e marched back to the top of the rankings for all our chosen keywords, we’re getting more likes on Facebook than we can shake a stick at – and our newsletter signups are through the roof. More importantly, my husband is happy and more willing to give me foot massages.

If you’d like to see how I could revamp your site, then get in touch!



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