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Towels. They’re not the most exciting product in the world are they?

So, when a potential customer comes along and tells you that their towel is exciting and that it’s also revolutionary and possibly life changing – well, I’m guessing you’ll understand why I was a little sceptical.

The client, Jen Daniels, was convinced this was something special, but obviously all my clients think their business or product is awesome – if they didn’t I’d be worried.

It wasn’t until I got on the phone that I felt a bit excited.

Jen was positively bursting with enthusiasm and faster than a zombie virus, her enthusiasm infected me. I wanted this product; I wanted to try it right now. I was desperate to get hold of it.

Taking the brief

We discussed the tone that Jen wanted, and came up with the following attributes:

  • Approachable
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Authoritative
  • Modern
  • Fun (but not childish)

Then we looked at formatting (dull but important for consistencies sake) – right down to the nitty gritty of whether full stops should be used in bulleted lists, whether we’d abbreviate the brand name and how we’d do our best to avoid exclamation marks.

We talked about product names, colours, washing instructions, labels and about making the site personal with a warm chatty content, humour and bright imagery.

We agreed that we were trying to create a new standalone product and brand.wovii

Ideally wovii should be to towels what the Bumbo is to baby seats, the BabyBjorn is to baby carriers, the Growbag is to sleeping bags.

We wanted people to want a wovii, to refer to them as woviis – not towels.  

Jen was keen for simplicity and clean copy. The towels may be fluffy but the copy shouldn’t be.

I think this is captured well by the slogan:

“Got wet? Get wovii.”


Handling preconceptions

A big part of the challenge was going to be overcoming customer preconceptions such as:

  • ‘It’s just a towel.’
  • ‘It’s one of those yucky rubbery microfibre camping towels.’
  • “How can a wet towel be light?’
  • “How absorbent is absorbent?’

We agreed that the best way to deal with these issues was to tackle them head on – with honesty and humour – and to use analogies to illustrate our key selling points (super powers) such as:

“Our wovii for bodies towel weighs just 364 grams (about the same as a small hamster).”

wovii super powers

My biggest challenge

My biggest challenge was how to translate my own genuine enthusiasm onto the page, without sounding overblown and salesy.

The next day a parcel arrived, packed with woviis. When I saw them in the flesh – well, cotton – I realised that this product really was super cool

Having the product in my sweaty little hands made writing about it so much easier, and having chatted to Jen, I had the feeling that I knew exactly what she wanted to say.

So, I cut loose the sandbags and let the copywriting balloon soar.

When I sent the first draft, Jen came back with this:

“OMG KATE!!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!  You totally nailed it! I can’t stop smiling 🙂

I am so relieved!!!!!!”

(It’s saved in my awesome client email folder.)

The job went so smoothly that we were done within days.

Phase two copywriting

But I was worried. Jen had only asked me to write a few pages. What about the rest of the site? This was now my (adopted) baby. I didn’t want anyone else fiddling with my finely tooned prose.

So, I was moist with glee when Jen came back and asked me to write the rest of the site. I actually did part of the copy in exchange for more woviis.

Here’s how it ended up.

kids towel

I’m immensely proud, not just of the words I created, but of the relationship I formed with Jen. We were like symbiotic creatures, anticipating each other’s thoughts and generally ‘getting’ each other 100%.

Here’s what Jen had to say:

“Working with Kate has been 100% stress free. Right from the start Kate got me and my brand and then tackled the copy in an enthusiastic and professional way. When I received the first copy draft from Kate I was so happy, I almost cried. Kate was flexible, fun and full of ideas. I’m really looking forward to working with Kate again soon and seeing what else she has up her sleeve.”

Jen Daniels | Owner | wovii | 1 October 2013

So a big thanks to Jen for choosing me for this project.



Recently Jen contacted me to reposition the wovii brand. At first I was a little taken aback (what? My original copy was awesome right???) but then Jen explained her reasoning:

“We had a lot of feedback from people loving wovii for adults – mainly for swimming, travel, gym etc. So we needed our brand to cross those boundaries rather than constantly explaining that it’s  primarily for kids but it’s great for adults too.
It seems wovii is so soft and absorbent everyone wants a piece of wovii!”

(Nice sell there Jen!)

Jen had a limited budget so wanted to focus on the core elements. This included:

  • Reworking the home page blurb
  • Creating new slider tag lines
  • Creating a guarantee statement around the softness of the towel
  • Rewriting the Why wovii page
  • Rewriting the About and FAQs pages
  • Reworking the swing tags
  • Creating collection blurbs for Men, Women and Kids

wovii dogsI’m really happy with the copy and ideas we developed, Jen is a great client to work with; very open and receptive and honest. That makes my job so much easier.

I did ask Jen why she came back to me, when she could have asked a new writer to breath life into her rebrand. She said.

I loved your style Kate, you were so easy to work with and got what I wanted quickly and easily.  Why would I go anywhere else?”

Nice huh? I am still in love with my woviis (I have 20!) I use them for the gym, the bathroom, swimming, the beach, my dog Pamplemousse even has his own special wovii.

Check out wovii today!

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