9 simple social media tactics that ACTUALLY work

9 simple social media tactics that ACTUALLY work
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Or, how to build your brand online quickly and easily

There are a gazillion millionty million articles about how to boost your brand on social media.

I know because I have a folder where I save them all.

Over time the folder gets bigger and bigger, throbbing on my desktop like a swollen, pulsating unread beast until I freak out with overwhelm and delete it.

And then the next day I create a new folder and start all over again.

There’s so much we can do on social.
But what should we do?

And if I don’t know as a digital marketing expert with more than 20 years of experience, how the heck is your average Joe or Johanna supposed to know?

I was chatting with my lovely personal trainer Shaun this morning and he said, “I know I need to do marketing, but it’s just not my thing”.

I felt his pain.

Not quite as bad as my pain after he made me do four burn sets of press-ups, but still legitimate pain.

And I reeled off a flurry of quick tips to him.

His eyes widened.
His jaw dropped.
I thought I’d helped, or at the very least terrified him.

But I also know I talk too fast and with a thick northern accent.
(I also wasn’t breathing quite right after all those press-ups.)

So I thought I’d quickly write up nine social media tips/thoughts/truths that have worked for me.

No, I don’t have 89 graphs and a bucket full of stats to back them up.

You’ll just have to trust me on this.

(That being said, I have sold out my BIG course seven times running without spending a cent on paid advertising. So I reckon I’ve got the creds.)

Yes, it’s a bit of a blurt.

But it’s an honest blurt of things I’ve learned from real-life experience, not from reading other people’s blog posts.

Let’s go.

1. Blogging is a slow route to social and SEO success

I know.
Content is king, and people love engaging content.

But seriously, who the feck has the time?

It takes me on average eight hours to write, edit, proof and code a blog post. Not to mention the weeks of staring gormlessly at a white screen thinking about what the heck to write about.

And there are so many blog posts.

If you can do it, by all means do it.

But there are easier ways.

2. It’s all about your delicious face

When I spoke at Click Engage Convert recently about the future of SEO, the big message was it’s all about personal branding.

It’s getting harder and harder to rank for WHAT YOU DO.
So it’s always going to be easier to rank for WHO YOU ARE.

That means you need to build up your brand name (or your own name) and smear it all over the interwebs.

And what’s the fastest way to do this?

Video. VIDEO! It’s all about the video.

3. Facebook Lives are the tits


When I interviewed Marie Page, she mentioned that only 3-7% of the people who ‘like’ your page will actually ever see the content.


Because Facebook’s algorithm sucks furry balls and they want you to spend money boosting every post.

Facebook lives get way more cut through, more engagement, and as a bonus people get to see your delicious little face.

And once you’ve made your FB live you can:

  • Download it
  • Upload it to YouTube (the second biggest search engine – whoop)
  • Embed the video on your site
  • Chop into bits and share on Instagram stories or IGTV

Toon tip: Buy a cheap ring light off eBay so you look hotter.

4. Instagram is all about you too

I’ll admit it: I used to scoff at Instagram.

To me it was all about perfect flat lays, hot gym chicks doing squats and inane quotes.

But recently I’ve gotten to grips with it and boy, what a difference.

Not only is it an enjoyable place to be, it’s so aesthetically pleasing. It’s purdy and I love it.

There are so many different ways to share stories, videos, photos, IGTV.
And you can really get the conversation going via messenger.

Here are few things that worked for me:

  • Beefing up my bio to make the benefits of following me clearer
  • Giving myself a daft title (currently it’s ‘The Beyoncé of SEO and Copy’)
  • Using Linktree to share multiple links
  • Ensuring at least every 9th photo is a photo of my face
  • Playing with hashtags, and not sticking to the same ones every time
  • Interacting with the platform live rather than using schedulers, and staying online after I post
  • Engaging with other people, and encouraging discussions and questions

5. Intelligent content isn’t always what works

I share a thoughtful, intelligent useful SEO tip, backed up by proven results and stats.

The result?


Then I post a picture of my dog, and all hell breaks loose in the comments.

Now of course I want to build my authority and prove my glorious genius. But trying to be smart in every single post isn’t what social is about.

It’s about being human and making connections.

I share a lot of silly stuff. It’s fun, I enjoy it, my audience loves it, and it DOES NOT undermine my glorious genius.

My advice:

  1. Stop taking social so seriously
  2. Don’t overthink it
  3. Keep it simple

6. Be you everywhere

The school of thought used to be that you should post different content on each channel.

But again, who has the time?

I share the same content everywhere.

I am me, and that’s my brand.
My voice doesn’t change and so the content doesn’t change.

This makes life easier and allows me to ‘be more everywhere’.

The only exception I make is LinkedIn, where people are a bit more brutal, stiff and miserable. No pictures of my dog there.

7. It’s all about turning up

I know getting a following on social is tough.

But for me one of the big things has been to just turn up and share something.

Not everything I post is amazing.
But I’m there, I’ve got skin in the game.

If I have nothing to share, I’ll share other people’s stuff.
And if there’s nothing I want to share I’ll comment, or head into a group and help.

I invest my time in social and it in turns pays me back.

Auto-scheduling a post a day on FB and wondering why you’re not getting anywhere?

Scheduling is like phoning it in.

You’ve got to physically be there, jostling for your position, wrestling in the mud, playing the game.

8. Plan schman


For the past year I’ve been saying to myself, “One day I’ll map out an entire month of Instagram posts and batch them, and then I shall be a goddess of social”.

It’s never happened.

But my following still grows, and I sold several spots on the last round of my course purely off the back of Instagram.

Lots of people ask me what my fave scheduling tool is.

(For the record it’s Hootsuite. Not because it’s awesome, but because I can’t be arsed trying anything else.)

And yes, I do schedule content.

I have a big spreadsheet full of blog posts I reschedule every month across my channels that deliver consistent traffic to my site, which is rad.

But while I love a schedule, it’s not an excuse for not showing up (see point 7).

Yes, I could have a great content plan.

But if I feel like messing up my perfect Instagram feed with a picture of my dog, imma gonna do it.

Most of my ideas come to me randomly, not in an orderly fashion.

So I post what I want when I want and to hell with the plan.

9. Good karma makes good business

I’m a huge believer in good karma marketing. Hey, I even have a course on it.

I actually schedule time each week to head into groups (my own and others) and just help people.

To give someone else a leg up, a tip, or a gentle pat of comfort.

And the result?

People see. People remember. People find you. People trust you. People buy from you.

As long as you help without expecting anything return, I’ve found it to be an amazing social media marketing template.

So there you go. Not rocket surgery I guess.

But easy peasy lemon squeeze doable tactics and honest truths about what has really helped my business.


I currently don’t do any form of paid advertising – and I’m not saying I won’t one day try it.
But I love being on social media, it’s my happy place, and it’s working for me.

Maybe it can work for you too?

Over to you

What have you found that works on social media? What has really flopped?

Do you agree with my ideas? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.


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