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I guess most people would think of me as a digital copywriter and it’s true that I mostly write websites, emails and the like.

But I also have a passion for print.

There’s something about seeing my work on paper that makes my nether regions tingle.

Whether it’s posters, print ads, flyers, labels or direct mail – I love seeing how the designer transforms my words into something magical. There’s a lot you can do on the web but often the true genius comes when a designer and copywriter partner up to create a print ad.

Yes, admittedly a lot of these ads don’t have many words – but don’t doubt that the ad concept often comes from the copywriter.

I’m currently working on an ad for a Canberra based designer, and doing some research.

Here are some of the great print ads I’ve found.


Images sourced from heaps of different sites including this one and this one.

Over to you

What are some of the best ads you’ve seen? Do you have a favourite here? Share in the comments.

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